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R.I.P. Michael Jackson =( Answered

Wow. The king has died. 50 years of excellent, ground breaking music has come to an end. Here, I am paying tribute to him as a mediocre fan. Discuss the life and times of MJ here, not sadly but in celebration of his life. Rest in peace, we will miss you!


then there is BILLY MAYS!!

Yes there's a topic on that too y'know. L

michael jackson died while picking his nose, doctors don't blame on the sunshine or the moonlight, they blame his death on the boogie.

Lol... he was feeling so BAD after his experience of the THRILLER that BILLIE JEAN was not his lover that his heart couldn't BEAT IT anymore.

lol. Due to all of his plastic surgery people are debating whether they should a. bury him b. cremate him or c. recycle him

I wasn't a HUGE fan but I still liked his music. Although it was kind of a massive talk. I mean, it's sad, but what's done is done.

I heard a Thriller ring-tone on the bus yesterday, and now I wonder how many people have decided to remember a modern-day monster in this way? L

Nooo..... I really love his music..... But look on the bright side: One less child m0lest3r for the world to handle. Oh and does Half Life 2 has many suburb levels? Like, do you venture the city a lot?

Actually, after you leave the city once you come back in the later levels to fight back to the city (thats all I can say without revealing too much info about it)

I know, I bought it already and did a little research.

=P Yes you are.

Hey, I'm stuck in Water Hazard, you're supposed to make a jump with the boat by ramming it to a small rock positioned near the gate, right?

I did. I bought the 'Orange Box' expansion pack for the PS3 that includes Half Life 2, Half Life 2 eps 1 and 2, Team Fortress 2, and Portal. =)

awesome, I wish portal would run on my pc >.>

Lol yeah, you're kinda missing the fun by not playing Portal, it's actually one of the most innovative games I've ever played! Oh and the graphics aren't that bad....

yep, everytime I try to play I get "The blue screen of death"

episode 1 is awesome, and alot more harder...Feckin' zombine >.>

Aww man.... I wish there's more suburb levels but oh well, I've been watching Half Life 2 reviews and I like the looks of it, so I'm getting The Orange Box anyway.

it is really sad that he had to go, but he accomplished sooo much during his life.

Yeah it was really sad to hear that he died...

Lmao, actually I made that account as a joke before he died, now its just to remember him.


9 years ago

Now that he's dead, they're going to turn him into building blocks so that kids can play with him for a change...

SPANK YOU HELPY-HELPERTON!!! (That's from a movie.)

Not nearly as funny. Sorry.

Wasn't meant to be. Sorry.


9 years ago

My favourite song was "Smooth Criminal" closely followed by "Man in the Mirror"

Ok i gotta say, i honestly don't care that michael jackson died. He had a good life and yet we mourn for him, when there are hundreds of thousands of children dieing slowly from starvation alone... And I find it really stupid that before he died everyone was making jokes about his molestation charges and calling him a pervert, but as soon as he kicks the bucket he's a legend.... Anyways i guess he just got too thrilled and his heart couldn't beat it, beat it anymore.

I agree, especially the last sentence. But, there were a few (me included) that were quite loyal fans who never (almost) dissed him.

I had this great screenplay idea: MJ comes back from the dead as zombies (the brain-eating type) plural - zombies'

If the thriller video is anything to go by, he'll come back to life and start dancing. Either that, or this is just a massive stunt and he is coming back for his 50 concert tour.

On the subject of fame and death: GLC (!strong language and adult themes)


Wierd, I've never seen half a comment go missing - there was more to that one...


Wow. Didn't notice that, I thought you meant that apostrophe to be a full stop!

It's part of the bold formatting or maybe it was italics? But I went on to suggest that a series of MJ zombies pop up in turn covering all his incarnations. Each being progressively creepier...