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ROBOTICS Projects Answered

suggest me some robotics projects in my college technical fest. a simple line follower will not WORK.



I don't suppose you've bothered to use that box at the top-right of every page...?

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A short search of the internet should lead to many opportunities. I guess English isn't your first language but please and thank you are the first words I learn In any language.

CNC equipment
Hero wall drawing robot
unmanned blimp

Swarm robots
Micro surveyor to look into disaster places.
Mars rover

Lunar rover

Chess playing robot
House automation

Useless machine

Flight simulator/ driving motion platform

I get the feeling your still not going to say thanks. You know - after a while of explaining things, looking up references, searching for information or sharing complex ideas you have been considering for possibly years it gets a bit rough when people can't bother to say thanks or respond so you know they have at least read your hard work.

In many ways knowledge is a currency, most of us give freely, (actually a relatively small number on a regular basis), of our knowledge and experience, acknowledgement and that warm feeling you get by helping others is what keeps us doing it.

Like any bank you can't expect to keep making withdrawals without at least making some effort to put something back even if it is only good will.

+1. Words worth framing.


Please ? You'll get more help if you adjust the tone of your question.