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I would like to know how i can build a sensor...that detects moving objects.,which DO NOT make any CONTACT at all with the sensor......PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! and FAST!!



well if its for ur car maybe u could add a push switch thing so if u slowly hit something the switch turns on and warns u not to go any farther.

All you need is an IR LED and and IR sensor with a divider between them. Anything that passes in from of the device increases the signal at the receiver (sensor).

But i want to sense something that passes in front.....i dont want to have a reciever at other end......and have the object passing in between......Anyother way??? i want this to be implemented in my car...so that it can detect anything in front of it......

The IR LED sends out a beam of IR light. When there's nothing in front of the sensor, nothing happens. But when something goes in front, the IR light reflects off the object and is detected by the IR detector.

The IR receiver is unidirectional... In other words. It would only work in the direction it's pointed.