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RTR Answered

Hey guys,

This is a transfer rifle that I made a few days back. It outwardly resembles the TR/NAR, but is totally different internally. It uses a true trigger mech that I invented, as well as a transfer mech that was also designed by me. It shot about 50 ft., but that was only with one or two old bands. It was really comfortable, and I would have liked to finish it, had I not taken it apart to build the NAR+TR8+ZKAR. Enjoy, and go ahead and ask questions if you have any.

-The Red Book of Westmarch



4 years ago

This gun doesn't even have a pin in it.

I took it out for the pictures silly. The Pin does not have to be in the gun for pictures. Lots of people do that. XD

I gotta back Ooda on this one. He goes through extensive testing on his guns. The only reason we all use oodammo is because he confirmed through different ammo tests that it was indeed the best. This is a good gun too I'm sure, but you can't make a better NAR, you can only make a better gun that goes beyond the NAR concept. I don't like the NAR myself, but I'm just saying it's the best at what it does.

Hmm... I can see what you are saying. I am not sure what you are talking about when it comes to oodammo... did I say something about it in this forum topic?

... I was not trying to make a better NAR. I am not sure what your point is.

I use comparisons often. I was just saying that Ooda does extensive testing and that's why we use oodammo. Likewise, it's why the NAR is the way it is. And to make a weapon that it is like the NAR and that looks similar but to not improve it seems silly. It's one thing to personalize a weapon, but merely doing it differently which is potentially worse... I guess my point is, what is the point of this gun to you?

Um, I am not quite sure that we understand each other. This gun is just a result of me messing around, it is nothing special. I just posted this for people to see. And besides, who cares what the gun resembles if it works differently.

Alright, I get you were just trying something out. I was just saying then other than for the sake of trying something, this filled no niche. Actually, everyone will care if it looks like a gun but doesn't function as well as it. At least personalize it more. Otherwise it's like those generic sodas except you still charge the same for brand name soda. =P

Was I the only one who was reminded of Return to Ravnica when I saw the title?

Are you using a captured rod as the transfer?

That's a little worrisome. I went through maybe 20 different absorbers (even tried using Knex plates) Before I came up with mine. I tried using rods that were held in the barrel by a connector, but they shot right out and broke the connector they were in.

But does it work with 10 bands on it?