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UPDATE on Radio Interview on Craftsman Experience Answered

The Down and Dirty radio show hosted by Frank Fontana from HGTV has asked me talk for a short piece on their  Down and Dirty radio show hosted by Frank Fontana from HGTV. 
If all goes accordingly, the interview  will happen around  12:40pm ET on Wed 8/10 and will be a 5 minute segment. 
They stream live at blogtalkradio.com/diy and livestream.com/craftsmanexperience at 11am CT every Wednesday and Sunday,  in the event anyone wants to tune in to it. 
These same folks interviewed Randofo (Randy) awhile back, so I am pretty excited about this.

*sigh*  Figures this would occur in the middle of Verizon's STIKE !   They dropped my call, twice....I finally got back to them and apologized.....thankfully most of the "story" got told, so I am told.   I wonder if they record it for later listening ?  

MINE is here,  around the 44 minute mark (if you care to hear me for a few minutes and then listen as my phone dies.....



6 years ago

Well, how cool is that! Good luck, man & have fun!

Will try to anyways :-) Thanks

Uh oh. What up? (I wasn't free at "streamtime")...

VERIZON, the phone service (and ISP) that is on strike....happens to be MY phone company......for now......they dropped my call near the end of my story...and I didn't get to discuss it or anything......its bad enough they send you on a wild goose chase when you try to get some customer service (to some country where English is not spoken well, and is pronounced even worse, people that read from a paper down a "script" and when they get to the bottom and haven't solved your problem "it must be your browswer" e-gads it peeves me off.....

That's not good. Sorry your ISP let you down at a critical time.

We've resisted "bundling" all our telecom needs because of the spotty broadband service. So we have both -- traditional land line and cell phones.

And still have "analog" cable, which isn't analog until it hits the box outside the home... We have the worst of both worlds--digital artifacts, poorly synced sound and picture...and the every shrinking pool of channels they offer an extended basic customer (not real big TV people).

Isn't it great how every tech advance seems like a step backwards in customer service and reliability?

Well, in this case, since I was actually being spoken with on the phone, when they dropped the line my phone went dead and I lost them....it was a live stream I found out (moments before they started talking to me) and that made me a bit nervous....I was hoping they'd record, edit, and broadcast, but no they like to take live callers, so it was do or die, and the phone company killed me at the last moment.

Our "cable" is almost like yours, it is digital until it gets to the box just behind the TV set, where it gets converted for our analog tv (I don't watch a lot of tv, because of my odd working hours, but catch some of my favorite shows on ON Demand, when I can; you know, shows like Eureka, Warehouse 13, House, Numb3rs, Fringe, etc).

We have a "pay as you go" cellular phone only for emergencies....so it is "only a phone" :-) Now, if I can find or make a holder so I can carry it with it ON without pushing all the buttons, I will be golden :-)

I did, BTW, call the station back after I "dropped out" and they said they may try again in the future. We'll see....maybe on a subject a little more exciting then a VW coil electrocution :-)

Wow!!!!!! this is just way too coo! Way to go!!!!! :0)
Is this something referred to as a "pod cast"? I am a techno -dianaseaur, but I've learned so much from the kind people at Instructables. Can you explain how I can listen too please? Thanks

I SEE, you meant in the original post, sorry, corrected...thanks for pointing that out....