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Radio controlling a Mobility Scooter: Need help finding out what kind of ESC I need, and where to get one. Answered

I have a 48-inch long fiberglass "F250" style truck body.

 I want to turn it into a rideable car, but ALSO an RC car!

 I am using the remains of a 24 volt Mobility Scooter (rear suspension, motor, drivetrain, and differential axle, and part of the chassis) with slightly larger wheels and tires.  Steering will be actuated with a 12-volt motor and drive out of a car seat that had electric adjustments.

I want to be able to set the original seat from the mobility scooter back into it's original place through a hole int he bed and sit on it and hold a WIRED controller in my hand to operate both speed AND steering.  I want also to be able to remove the seat, unplug the wires controller, turn on an RC receiver and transmitter, and drive the vehicle by remote.  I am NOT building an autonomous robot or anything hugely techie like that, just a sort-of cross between an RC car and a gocart.  It doesn't need to be any faster or more powerful than the original mobility scooter either, so all I really need is batteries and a motor controller..  Controlling the steering actuator will be done with some limit switches and relays simply, that's not-at-all a problem at this point.

 I need a battery set (two garden-tractor batteries?  I don't think I can afford SLAs or anything high-tech right now...) and an ESC and honestly have no idea what I need or where to find it.  I do not know exactly what the amperage of the motor is, but I have a car-battery stress-tester as well as a multi-meter device and with someone's help I am sure I can figure out how to get an accurate measurement of current from the motor.

 I would love for someone to help me out with this project!!?  If you have a business and it would benefit you, I WILL put your name ON the truck like a sponsor!!  i want to be able to take it to certain garden-tractor shows and maybe even run it in a local parade or two.  I want it to be seen.


Try "Dimension engineering" for a good ESC.


See Canucksgirl's link for actual build ideas. For what you describe, it'll probably be much easier to wire the thing as a pure RC controlled device. When you're riding on top, just have a place to clamp on the RC controller and drive it that way. Having duplicate controls, and needing to switch between them, is more likely to lead to failures.