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Radioshack Submini Pushbutton Switch (275-1571) - Bulk? Answered

I am looking to buy Radioshack's Submini Pushbutton Switch in bulk. I really can't seem to find it online anywhere.

The package says that it is custom manufactured in China. I need to buy about 50, and possibly even more in the future, and with Radioshack's prices, it will be a pain to blow $75 for 50 switches.

Thanks for your help.



9 years ago

$0.40 at allelectronics, and a somewhat different PC mount momentary switch ($15 for 100) at electronic goldmine.

That took all of 3 minutes, so I'm sure you can do better...

i am a newbie in electric circuit. I am trying to solder to onto a small battery holder (C2020) (coin size) to make my own led light. I have hard time to tell which side is positive, which is negative. Help will be greatly appreciated.

If you google the part number, you should find a data sheet. On this data sheet, it should tell you which lead is positivde and negative.

I like Jameco and digikey. They both have a lot of switches. I bet you can find one that will do the job.

search on eBay and surplus electronic stores