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Radioshack's doom - a problem for Makers? Answered

I had missed this story until today, but it seems that Radioshack is on its last legs, with most commentators expecting it to cease trading by the end of this year.

Aside from the fact that it will be sad to see such a well-known name disappear from the scene, I wonder what it will mean to the Maker community?

How many folk buy their components, especially the last-minute bits needed to finish?

Will the demise affect the Maker community, or does the company's image loom larger than its real influence, and the closure won't affect much after all?

Will it affect you?


Microcenter, is in most large towns, makes radio shack look like a phone store. Even since the the TRS-80, RadioShack management has been out of touch with the consumer. They have tried to get it but don't. Most tech people are not the nieman marcus type,

Nearest Microcenter is about 15 mi from me. I see online that they have capacitors,etc. Do they have such components in the store? For the most part, I go to radio shack for a resitor, diode, capacitor, etc. It's really just the 25 sq ft of component drawers 1 mile away that I would miss.

Their prices are almost twice that online. :-(

And why do they need your address when you buy batteries?

I used to live close to Mouser electronics. I always wondered if I could just stop buy to shop around. It was literally right next door to our post office.

I clicked on the link. "page not found"

I do get some stuff there.

I'm posting from my phone right now, but a quick Google for something like "radioshack closing" should enlighten.