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"Railgun" Help Wanted Half-Way Completed Answered

I'm just going to skip to the point. I want help with a railgun, I already have a basic design below, its going to look like that. When its completed we will both post it, you don't have to. So if your insterested send me a pm.


If you're making a railgun, then you're going to need to replace the ratchet with a blocking trigger, so it blocks the rail pin. You're also going to need to add a top rail, so the rail pin doesn't fly off. You could also use the kind of rail system on my B.A.R. and my Railgun Pistol. What kind of magazine are you going to use? A turret or a regular magazine? Or are you going to make it a single shot?
Maybe we could do a collaboration. I'll PM you about it.

I would love to do a collaboration with you and I already have the rail worked out and I know, it won't use the rachet for the trigger. It will probably have a 8 shot turret.

Ok, sounds good. =D I will do a collaboration with you.