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Rain Barrels Answered

I have inserted a Sump Pump through the top of my rain barrel. I have a 6X10 inch screen tightly fitted in the barrel which I remove
to insert the pump. Now my wife can drag the hose around the yard to water her plants and garden and to water the grass.


We have one as well. We do not live in the desert - in the city. It saves big time on water charges in the summer because you are essentially holding 55 gallons of rain water at all times. 55 gallons of rain water goes a long way. The drums can be hard to get and expensive, but if you can find one it is a good investment. Mine was just a white barrel. I painted it a solid color just so that it looks nice. This is what it looked like from where I ordered it.

but you live in the desert? The public would like to see pictures or an instructable on your project.