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Raising a geodesic dome Answered

Just thought I'd share a time lapse video I made last year (but just got around to putting it online)
Two of my kids are involved with a local circus and last year, said circus bought a geodesic dome to use as a venue for shows. There was great excitement when it was delivered and put together for the first time. It seemed appropriate to record the momentous occasion, but knowing how long it was going to take, a normal video was out of the question. So I set up the tripod and camera and took photos roughly every five minutes. The first photo was taken just after 9am and the last one was taken just after 5pm.
It's quite an interesting structure and so strong, they can rig the aerial apparatus from just about any point!


The dome is making news around Newcastle (Australia) at the moment.
They have dubbed it The Wonderdome!

That's brilliant :D You should make it into a video Instructable so it doesn't get lost in the forums :)

mm, I didn't post it as an instructable because I wasn't really showing how to do something. It was just something I thought people might find interesting.

I AGREE with Jayefuu !