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Ramsey tv6c vhf transmitter Answered

i have been working on a Ramsey TV transmitter since Christmas. the best i can get is very static gray/black picture with no sound. just dark static.

I checked everything thousands of times. what can be the problem? could i have burnt up a component with my solder iron?

i ended up broking the cheap plastic tuning tool that came with it by adjusting everything way too much.i can still tune it with my fingers and matches/toothpicks


The Ramsey TV6 transmitter drift and signal problems can be cured by replacing c7, c9 and c10 with NPO's.Plus I have read many have had distance problems of only 30 feet. The removal of r12
would help cause its acting like a antenna load.

what are NPO's? I googled it and found something about RF capacitors. can you explain a little more (where to get them, price, how they look?)

NPO material have the lowest losses and the best temperature dependence which makes them well suited for RF circuits, or circuits requiring stability. NPO's can be found at http://www.mouser.com just do a search on NPO capacitors then you will have to look for the value
using there web page filter. Silver mica capacitors can be used too but there a little more in cost. I built the ramsey fm10C transmitter long ago and I added a few npo's to the circuit. It had a little trouble in drifting of frequency even after I re calibrated. Also you should not use metal tools on the tuning slugs even if your careful you can still damage the ferrite slug by cracking it.

I actually built 3 tv transmitters last few weeks. First one was a one transistor model that actually made a beautiful picture, but was very unstable, moving a vidoe cable, etc., would cause it to totally stop working.

Next I built the Ramsey TV-6c. Even though I made a couple "goofs" during assembly, (I fixed them quick...distracted by phone call...), it works great, even on the new digital/ analog tv sets...just not as pretty as the old style tv. When I solder, I always use heat sinks on transistors, diodes and sometimes capacitors, etc. Sometimes just moving the power supply cord, or video cord can drastically improve the quality of the picture, especially the new finicky digital/ analog television type sets. My voltage regulator and RF Power transistor quickly heat up to with-in limits...150 degrees...so I added heat sinks...seems to have helped the, slight ripples in the otherwise great picture.

I then designed and built my own version of the Ramsey TV-6c ...last couple days. I actually built my own L4: tuning coil, and L1: 4.5 Mhz audio/video mixer, using a soda straw and 3/4" pvc pipe. Actually works, but the Q-5 transistor quickly overheats, and shuts down...My first attempt at 'making' my own components.


7 years ago

is it just me or is it that no one builds these things anymore.

If the plastic tool was an adjusting rod and you broke it before you were able to adjust something then that might be the problem.

If all of the adjustment proceedure is not done you might get just what you describe.

i just a screw driver instead it broke because of how much i was using it.