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Ran Honda with E brake on (new driver)? Answered

Oops! Just got home today from school and realized that I drove home with the E brake on (around 10 miles). Should I be worried about this? Its mostly 35mph the way home, with 55 for around 3 miles. I noticed no burning rubber smell or anything that would indicate burning (but the windows were closed). I have done this occasionally on the driveway, but usually notice. The car is a Handa Civic, 2003 I think.



Best Answer 6 years ago

Should be fine. Just make sure when you park on any inclines from now on that you also leave the car in reverse if it is a manual transmission. You also may want to check the brake to make sure it still holds. Just go to a hill, apply the foot brake, put the car in neutral, set the hand brake, and release the foot brake. If it holds then it's fine (it may rock forward a little bit, that's normal). If it slips you should fix it.

An emer. brake works on the rear wheels except for a few that have a disk on the drive shaft. 90% of your braking power comes from the front wheels. If the person driving didn't notice that the brakes were on then they weren't on very tightly.

If you're worried about it then take it by a mechanics shop and get it looked at.  My oil change place would do it for free and be honest about it.

Just making sure :)
Yeah they were not on full force, tried it on a little hill (just enough for the car to roll) and they worked.

Then you're fine. If it was on really tight then you would have noticed while you were driving. Make a habit of removing the E-brake before you put the car in gear when driving and you likely won't have this problem again.


6 years ago

You probably got really bad gas mileage. So that may have cost you a little. I did that once also. I had set the brake because I was parked on a hill and forgot that I had it on. I noticed the drag pretty quickly though. Most cars have a light that comes on when the brake is set. Don't make it a habit.

bw has it - driving with it in will severely wear the pads, and may cause heat/warping problems -- but those are rare. so long as the car still stops when brakes are applied, no horrible noises (indicative of totally worn pads), and the e-brake still works by itself, you're fine. You might need new pads, which are cheap.