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Random Instructable Button Answered

Does anyone think that there should be a button that pulls up a random instructable? I mean, I want to make something, but I dont know what. ewilhelm might awnser?


 It should be on the home page. Just sayin.

Yeah, i completly agree with you, I was just about to ask the same question... I tried clicking the one on the 'explore' page but it didnt work a a link for m... could just be my internet browser acting up... it does that sometimes just to spite me

What would be great if on the homepage there was a 'Random Instructable' button in plain view, so when I'm bored I can just click away my time... Wikepedia has one....


Amuse me internet dammit! ;)

We have that. When you're under the explore tab, look to the top right of all the instructables. You should see a link that says "randomizer". Just click that.

Oh, cool. Never noticed it...

Did you try using the randomizer link from the "Explore" page?