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Random Knex Challenge 1- Knex Triangle- WINNER! Answered

Hey, this is the first of my many Knex challenges. I will post up a new challenge every saturday, and the winner of each challenge gets:



A sub from me,
5* on all of their ibles,
Favorites on all of their ibles,
What else?? hmm...

Anyway, its simple, try figure out how to make a perfect equilateral triangle out of Knex, and on the next Friday, I will decide who the winner is.

Micro Knex pieces are allowed.

But.... The triangle has to be as small as possible, if it is not as small as it can get, you dont win.

Your answer can be a photo, an MLcad photo or just describing how its done.

This challenge round will end on 27th November.

Contestants in this round-

-The Jamalam

Good luck!





8 years ago

Who wins?

Youu!!! Unfortunatley, I cannot give a patch, but I will give all of your ibles 5*'s, fave all of you ibles and subscribe to you (even though I already have...

Look out for the next challenge!

Ill give him a patch, I got 100 free for hosting a contest. Pretty cool!

https://www.instructables.com/community/Pro-formatting-on-comments-not-showing/ Although i dont think i can prove i have the patches >.<

Feb 1, 2010. 3:25 PM
Knex Contest
Hey Smattman22,

Nice work organizing the Knex Walker Contest.

I'm gonna give you a bunch of patches to go have fun with...like 100!

Thanks for doing some great community work,

I wouldnt bother. She hasnt been active for years.

Here's mine. Made out of microscopic knex pieces(literally)
It's in there somewhere...


(ummm you did realize that this was a joke right?)

So what's my prize? Did i make the smallest?

(excuse the germs i got around it)

Here you go. Don't forget it's dishwasher safe. lol (If you don't get it look close at the picture)


Hmm... did you use micro chain? It ok if you did... But I was just wondering.

They are both about the same. My dad could not tell which one was smaller. The thing is, mine stays together hers doesn't.

By the way, that was my 650th comment. I know thats not alot of comments, but its a start.

Nice! When Im online almost all day, I tend to get around 30-40 comments.

Random question: What is your longest period of time that you've spent on ibles?

My answer: 11 hours straight! I know, it seems a little hard to believe, but I was in hospital at the time, and I pretty much couldnt move, lol.

Wow... thats a close one! I dont know but I think you may just have the edge because yours stays together.

Also, I might be going pro within the next week so I might hand out a patch to the winner also!

I actually said that you can use micro pieces. but its still smart lol.

In that case, I'll make a triangle using Micro Y connectors.  I win.

You know... if you do have micro y-connectors, feel free to do it!

Why dont you try it?  I'd probably lose the triangle.

Nah, I dont have micro pieces... But you can still win, I didnt say that you have to have a photo of it.