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Random Knex challenge 3- Mechanisms! WINNER ANNOUNCED! Answered

Hey guys! Yes, it is me again, and Im back with my 3rd challenge- knex mechanisms! :-)



A patch
5* on all of your ibles
Fave all of your ibles
Subscription from me :)

Anyway, here are some rules for this challenge:
  • Must be a new mechanism 
  • Must be 100% Knex (string is also allowed 
  • Things you can make could include: Gun mechs, roller coaster mechs(such as automatic gates), motor switch-on mechs,ect...
  • Must be done by the 12th of dec.

List of entrants for this round:

  • Killer~safecracker   -Entry- Mr.Doomsday (New bullet lock) and
  •                                                   a way to make noise with Knex!
  • Haon   -Entry-
  • Seleziona   -Entry-
  • kNeXFreak   -Entry- A new repeating crossbow mech (He asked me not to show a pic and
  •                                     a new type of shotgun ammo (KFC ammo)
  • Mr. Stealth   -Entry-
  • TheDunkis   -Entry-
  • Jollex   -Entry-
  • Bigdylan91  -Entry-
  • Mikestr2   -Entry- A new trigger mech

Cm'on, you know you want to enter... go on, do it, enter! Hehe :) Anyway, good luck to anyone who enters!



 i have brand new ammo. does that count? ITS AMAZING!!!

.....I highly doubt that.... The only good ammo out there is 1-3 pieces max. That leaves very few combinations of rods and connectors, and such. Therefore, it's almost definitely done before. But I'd love for you to prove me wrong. ;)

 NOOOOOOOOOOOOO its completely new and different, totally not what yur thinking, do u wanna see? and well... it hard to explain do u wanna see it tho?

 Alright, this is the ammo. There are probably 500 different ways to put on the connectors in different orders and types. the one in the pic is a very simple one. this is a shotgun blast. build a killerk pistol, or a block trigg that is a gray rod long. make sure you have some good bands on, so you can reply properly after trying it. also once you have tryed it, try as many combinations as you can think of. tell me yur best one. note: always use a white rod on the ammo 
note #2: use a good number of bands please!!!!!!!

Photo 240.jpg

 OH and the ammo is called KFC ammo

Knex Freek Chaos -ammo

Thankyou!!! did you try the ammo in a killerk gun yet? or a block trigg that is a gray rod long?

WHATTTTT???? r u joking? what did u have one single dollar store band on? show me the kk gun u used.

The white rods didn't "scatter". They just stuck to the frame.

well yea.. duh! lol

did you try it the right way yet?

Yes. I like the shotgun rounds better, but these are nice too.

 wait im confused...
by shotgun rounds do u mean kfc ammo?
and when you said but these are nice too what were you talking bout? the white rods on the white conn (cause that is not an ammo i mentioned..) ???


Ok, now I'm confused. Shotgun rounds: click on my name and look for an Ible called shotgun rounds. These are nice too: I mean KFC ammo.

 well ok i saw them, but mine can be made EXTREMELY  quickly and with just about any pieces you haz round you.

 and yours need at least 2 mins to gather pieces and then put together, and a ton of pieces

have you tried mine with a ton of bands yet?

Yep. I agree, your KFC ammo is better cause' when you build knex ammo, you need to build lots of it, and fast too.

 thankyou, but i also agree with you that yours has more power.

 and debris too! lotsa debris!

(i hope i spelled debris right lol)

Oh, never mind. I thought the grey conn's were white rods. 

yes, its a horrible pic tho :( i hate the dumb webcam thingomobob

That's been done a bajillion times. Sorry, but it has.

note there are no green rods connecting the white con to the gray cons

If you want, I'll also give out a patch to the second and third place winners.

Hey, can you give a patch to mikstr2because he won. And the title for the patch can you put: Random Knex Challenge 3- WINNER!

Sweet! Thanks!

Although, I think you are losing it. You gave a patch to a winner on my 'What's this' challenge :P

To be honest, I have no idea why. Where I am it is currently 1:21am and I cannot be bothered going to sleep, so yah' :-)

So basically you might be losing it, not lira.  Even I don't do that.

That would be great, thanks! Although, I was originally only going to give out 1 patch, but get gmjhowe to give it, because he can get 'free' patches.

who is winner?

actually, forget the no challenges comment. CHALLENGES ARE FUNTASTIC!

IMG_0305 - Copy.JPGIMG_0306 - Copy.JPGIMG_0307 - Copy.JPGIMG_0309 - Copy.JPG

This is a trigger mechanism that goes up instead of down and its very nice and doesn't jam. it might not look like a gun but you said that it doesn't have to be a full gun so i just got to the point. ive had this idea for a long time even before i joined this site but Ive only had the knowledge to make it just recently. this is quite an efficient design and although its a small trigger pull, it still a very easy pull which is always a good thing if there's a trigger guard. the only problem is that although you have the potential to have it move a good distance before hitting the bullet, it cant have a rail for the ramrod because of how it is but that doesn't matter other than the fact that it cant have more than a certain number or power of rubber bands or else it will shatter the whole mechanism but you wont have to worry about that because its still pretty strong and the max number of rubber bands is still pretty high.

Built, and it can have a rail on it with no problems.

how do you decide who's the winner

I decide it by whos new mechanism is the coolest and most innotive design. :)

I think so so far, but other people such as Jollex and BakenBitz ( (Atlas) ) have joined!

that trigger is epic!

Who are the second and third place winners?? I know they won't get patches, but I'm just wondering.