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Random McGyver idea I had today Answered

So i was browsing the web and say a cool little mini grappling hook for sale for $25. I thought to myself "Gee, it sure would be funner to make one myself." So i thought how could I make one. Sure I could get some steel stock bend it weld it and sharpen it as nesasary. Then I thought i could write an instructable on it but most people cant weld. So how can I make it constructable for most people. DING McGyver

So the McGyver bill of materials
1x ratchet wrench
2x steel L brackets
1x Bungie cord

Take one L bracket and fasten it to the haandle somehow
Take the other and make a hole to fit the driver end

put a couple holes in the brackets for the bungie cord

then take the wrench and set it so the bracket points are facing the same direction but slightly obtuse. turn the direction setting to go towards the opening. now its locked in place. when it strikes something the momentum wull cause it to rotate towards each other and close with the help of the bungie

As soon as I get the materials to do this I will post an instructable. But first . . .

What do YOU think?


Not quite MacGyver, you need something really unfeasible like pine-cones or sticks or spider-silk...


 For shame!! You overlooked the most obvious... PAPERCLIPS!!!

I only watched the one episode in which a Jeep was destroyed with grenades made out of pine-cones, that was plenty for me...
The A-team at least used real tools and stuff.


 only one episdoe? You poor deprived man. The 2nd and 3rd season are the bst. they still showed how to do stuff and there was actually some form of story arc.

Not to be a thread breaker but What about the grappling hook lol?