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Random number generator Answered

I am looking to purchase or looking to make or looking for someone to make or show me how to make a simplistic ramdom number generator with a simple 2 digit lcd readout. This will be used as an automatic dice roller for a board game. The random numbers can be fixed to read out from 1 - 12 or even up to 24. Or, if not too difficult, programble, to make it more versatile Perhaps a prototype could be made by using some existing components such as from a digital clock or watch. Can anyone tell me if; 1. There is anything like this on the market? 2. There is an easy, inexpensive way to built something like this? Or 3. If someone would be interested in building something like this for me?


"1. There is anything like this on the market?" The StarWars Trivial Pursuit game has a small replica R2D2 which serves as a digital die. "2. There is an easy, inexpensive way to built something like this?" All you need I think is three ICs: a 555 timer, a counter, and a flip flop. Basically, have the 555 clocked really high and then whatever it has counted to when the button is pressed is what the number will display. Would be pretty easy to do if you had, say, 6 LEDs representing the die roll. If you want to have a digital display, well, I haven't used those but I would assume they would not be too bad to interface the previous with.

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