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Range? Answered

What is the average range for one of these ?






Oh, and the ibles states "It fires 70ft ".

What do you mean, what am I doing here? I'm participating in a forum discussion.

It shouldn't. It's a source of endless frustration to me that it does. :-(

It's not just limited to this site, of course. Go to almost any forum, and you can find members whose signatures commemorate the shocking revelation that a well-know member (often a mod), is female. It's like you're assumed male until proven otherwise if you show an shred of competence, humor or intelligence.


It doesn't. I was just wondering. God, people are touchy.

Because I was wondering. Most people with a sense of humor like her are, indeed, women, as sexist as it sounds.

That was random...

...Female. How does that affect anything?

Because I was wondering. Most people with a sense of humor like you are, indeed, women, as sexist as it sounds.

i don't think it's 70 feet :| and nom nom nom nom ( i bought okra last week and it tastes funny )

Its a slingshot semi, It can probably shoot more than 70 ft

It's not a slingshot-semi. Its a repeater.

what makes it a repeater? you pull the trigger once to shoot. you dont let go of the trigger to shoot it.

for once i agree with you on the semi-auto vs repeater

For okra? About 60 feet, depending on your arm strength.

The question plagues Knexers for one simple reason... They can change the number of elastic bands, it's only limited by the strength of construction and the amount of force you can pull it back with...

There are a lot more factors that can change the range of knex guns...

Definitely, however by changing the amount/strength of elastic material you can massively change the power... I'm not saying it's the only one I'm just saying there's little to no standard possible because elastic bands have never needed legislation over elasticity, they degrade over a short time in the grand scheme of things and are affected by temperature.

friction is also a major factor. Less friction means more power

True... I suppose this is where your innovations come in... Ever think of using olive oil to lower friction?

not on a knex gun.......... are you talking about me or the knex community in general?

About innovations in general, if you all calmed down and stop bickering it'd be nice, however I do have a little respect for anyone who takes the time to work out and build things with that much care and thought... It'd be interesting to sit a bunch of engineering students down with the best of you lot and see who comes out top in building something, maybe not a gun but something... How come? It's not exactly unreasonable... Beyond that how do you not eventually get tired of being limited by the fact that you're using plastic construction bits?

Im pretty sure Mepain and oodalumps would pwn the engineering students.... Knex doesnt do well with greasy substances....... and no, we dont. Building stuff with the "plastic construction bits" is half the fun of being a knexer....

Hmmph, fair enough... You might want to take a look at an 'ible I'm posting soon enough, I have a notion that you could potentially increase the power of your guns, in an odd way, the other change would be you'd have a new layout to play with and some various ways to trigger it...

. I've seen okra pods shot over 50 yards with a slingshot. Ripe ones don't seem to go as far. heehee