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Rapid fire controller mod for PS3? Answered

When I look for rapid fire mods, all I see are Xbox 360 and some PC ones. Is it possible to do one for a PS3 Controller?



8 years ago

Well, how do the Xbox and PC mods work?  Chances are, those methods can be applied to a PS3 controller as well.

To my knowledge, most Xbox mods work by utilizing a quartz(?) component and I'm not sure if that is present in a ps3 controller. And to my knowledge, PC mouse mods work with 555 timers which I have no idea how to use. I was going to open up an inexpensive wavebird controller to see if it was there but I'm having trouble with stripped screws.  I just need to know if its there or not before I start using force.

Do a google search for "PS3 rapid fire mod."  I found a few sites with tutorials, though I cannot vouch for whether they work!