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Raspberry pi. Oops. Answered

I just got my brand new raspberry pi model b in the mail yesterday. Today I was booting it and plugging it in and I slipped and broke the little silver thing (right next to the power plug) clean off. I haven't checked to see what it is yet but now my pi won't boot. What should I do? Could I solder it back on? ( I can solder pretty well) or should I do something else? Please help.



Best Answer 6 years ago

That silver thing next to the power in usb is a electrolytic cap, does the can still have the little tabs on it? The board might work without that cap but would probably be flaky because of noise.

If you look at the picture linked above just solder it back on - MAKE SURE IT LOOKS JUST LIKE THE PICTURE polarity is important. If you don't know how to solder ask around it should only take a minute to fix it. If the tabs are broken off just by a cap from radio shack (220uf at 16v) and solder the negative lead to where the black part of the cap was.

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6 years ago

this isnt an answer. I fixed it. It is an electrolytic cap and i soldered it back on. Thanks for the input though. Oh and the reason it wouldnt boot the first time I fixed it is it somehow erased the card so I had to re-install the OS and boot.

WOrks now :)


6 years ago

The part you broke off should be electrolytic capacitor C6.

To the best of my knowledge the damage is not covered under the Pi's warranty.

There are several threads in th RPi forums that talk about how to repair this damage although some soldering skill would be advisable before undertaking the project.

Hope this helps.

Jack A Lopez

6 years ago

If it were a typical electronic gizmo, I would recommend lying to the people who sold it to you, and telling them that it arrived in the mail in this broken state, and then you'd get an RMA number, and ship the darned thing back to them, and then they'd ship you a new one, and with your new knowledge of how delicate it is, you'd try to be extra careful with that one.

However since the makers of Raspberry Pi are a non-profit foundation, I would feel kinda bad about taking advantage of them in that way.   Even though that's the usual way handle such unfortunate accidents.

So just for Raspberry Pi, I am going to suggest talking/writing to their support staff, and honestly telling them that you accidentally broke a thing of your new thing.  Hopefully this discussion will lead you to discover the identity of the "silver thing" you busted off.  The board kind of looks like it has several silver things on it.  Also maybe talking to the support people can help you get a sense of how easy or difficult it is to re-solder that part, and if also if that part being loose/broken could  indeed the reason why it won't boot anymore.

Jack A LopezJack A Lopez

Answer 6 years ago

I think I found a better picture of your board, and this is attached.  I borrowed this picture from Amazon(r)'s web site, here

Heh. Silver thing. Right next to the power plug.
Could it be an electrolytic capacitor named C6? Still don't know what "silver thing" you're referring to.

Full sized picture (1500x1500) here: