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Raspberry pi Answered


I have to create webcam server system that consist USB web camera, raspberry pi. The system will function like this :

1. Raspberry Pi will take a pictures every 30 seconds.
2. raspberry pi have to send the pictures (MMS of the picture) to the owner mobile phone and email ID.

i just want to ask several question.

1. can raspberry pi send MMS? i think i want to connect raspberry pie to the wireless broadband modem, so it will send MMS thru email. possible or not? or there is another alternative to do this thing?

2. Is there any chances owner can reply via mobile phone or email? how the owner mobile phone want to confirm back to raspberry pi? reply the email or what?

i hope anybody can help me. and also can provide me any website link that can help me to understand more about all of this.


research the motion app. I think it is in the rpi debian repo, (http://www.lavrsen.dk/foswiki/bin/view/Motion/WebHome)

$\sudo apt-get install motion
$ man motion

A Pi is an extremely versatile Linux computer. It can handle MMS, if you can find or write the code.