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Ratchet Modded BR8 Pictures. Answered

A few people haven't seen the Ratchet mod for the BR8, here's some pictures.
Sorry about the blurry pictures, I do my best.



8 years ago

ok mod....

I didn't do it. But it's more than "ok", it's spectacularingeniuouslytastic!

Idunno. It's just easier. Don't blame me if you don't like it, I DIDN'T MAKE IT.

i dont think i need this....

Whats with the top wheel?  I dont need it on my BR.

That's what you turn.

No, the silver wheel on the top?  Not the wheel you turn.

The silver wheel on top IS the wheel you turn. Watch the video.

Oh.  I turn the white connector in the first picture.  That way I can shoot large rods.

Oh. You could do that, but I usually shoot Oodammo.

I don't seen anything that great about it. Why is this better than the regular??

You put in all the ammo, then wind the rubberbands all at once. Watch the video.

Ok, I myself still think the regular ones fine, but this is ok.

Oh, and to clear up any confusion, this is not my invention. Oodalumps did it, then Bakenbitz, then Mepain.

Oh, excuse me. I was going off my memory. =0


8 years ago