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Rate My Drawing! Answered

Ok so this my art portfolio for my art class and a recreation of one of my previous works. This one is an improved version, of course, and done in Ink Dot Stippling. Please let me know what you think. 


It it Fantastic ,cani have your permissiom to just change the name to my wifes and have it as small tattoo.

Its lacking one thing, a shirt.

no it's not, I purposely drew her naked...some people just lack appreciation for natural beauty

very good

Foxy,hats off to your expertise and patience for this stipple.If I may suggest,reduce the size of the name and put it in the lower right and the date.Decrease the size and quantity of the swirly-ques. This over embellishment detracts from your beautiful art.The motion of her hair, the expression of peace on her face and my personal favorite, the almost subliminal smile on the bird are what must draw the viewers eye. She has something that commands my attention, affection and desire.Now the hands...practice,practice,practice.Not easy I know.They should be subtle-nubile and especially-vunerable.I hope this will help.....

thank you for the tips :) and i understand the name is a bit large but that's how it was suppose to be for the project. that's what the teacher asked for.

Oh well the teacher must be obeyed. I look forward to seeing more of your work.


6 years ago

Not bad. I really like pointillism.

the girl in the picture is standing or lying down?, i don't see it out...

It's a really nice piece. I don't like birds but even I have to admit that one is kind of cute.

To take it to the next level try to draw what you "see", not so much of what you "know", if that doesn't make much sense you can do a google search on left and right side brain functions or for a book called "drawing on the right side of the brain". Also, some of the "lines" seem a little harsh, certain edges and muscle definitions are quite stark. Depending on the effect you're going for, it might be something to watch for. Might be linked to the "see versus know" thing too.

I enjoy the technique. It is a very good start but I'll give some pointers if that's ok: shoulders are a bit too wide, and the right arm seems fused to her body and not ''pressed'' instead. When you press your arm against your body it tends to distort a bit, that's ok. Fingers are a nightmare to draw, a good tip I can give you is defining the opposable thumbs and not making them too straight as fingers curve a little in the middle. hugs!

Nice touch of using dots this time. Very inspiring, 5/5 from me.

well the image I created but that's how you spell my name, I'm Rebeca :P

Self portrait, you picture yourself as a kind and loving person (as I see it) it's good.


well actually it's not a self-portrait.. O.o but if you look at it that way I guess it is?

Rebecca usually is usually spelled like that - is this a picture of someone that you know?