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Rate My Drawing! Answered

a portrait of my friend Suliena
Please tell me what you think :)
I know the hair isn't exactly like in the real photo but I really wanted it to flow more


Its a really good sketch. The changes to her hair look good. The form is nice.

If you want to develop the drawing further I would suggest focusing on the variations in tone. ( 0=white -- 10=black ). You've used mainly mid-tones, but the photo has many areas that contour her face that are near black. It requires a good 6B or 8B pencil to achieve those tones.

9 on scale from 1-10 justinbuzek1995@gmail.com

For what it's worth, I have taken and graduated from a trained art program....so not an expert but have had training...here goes...try concentrating a bit on your darker contrasting areas, say the darker shadow in the hair, make that the darkest part...from there, contrast and compare the other areas, say lighter and darker areas...use your eraser to lighten the too dark areas and a number 2 pencil wont work here...try finding an artists set of pencils...use a #4 or 5 to darken watch that you don't go hard as you'll poke through the paper. I agree with others about the eyes, they should recede...and the hair should fall over the eye...the subject is quite striking already, find other subjects with peculiar strengths that challenge you. You already have a good eye for detail, challenge yourself by drawing every day...

good...can you include the picture of your friend (photograph)

ok I included the photograph, I know she doesn't look exact but I'm working on that :p

The mouth and the hair are AMAZING.........there's a bit too much of each eye that's visible, though (considering how you've rendered the hair). The corner of each eye shouldn't be quite so visible, considering how her hair is falling. Eyes are hard to draw properly!! You're talented....I mean it!

Foxy,very good..Not superficially soft or contrived.Again I am impressed by the hair-your sense of motion.If you would,try a work that involves flowing water or a willow in a light breeze.This would be a treat for those who aspire to draw well.Respectfully,metalarts...

beautiful gril , drawing very great,


6 years ago

Nothing wrong with that. Good job.