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Rate My EEE pc cooler Answered

hey guys what up this is my first post i wanted to know what you guys thought of my EEE pc cooler i made from an old mini cooler door lol . It has two 92mm fans on bottom and one 40mm on exhaust. i also over clocked my EEE to 1062 Mhz as well at a cool 47 C. can u guys add any suggestions and rate it out of 10 :) i think i should add a usb hub in the door on the right side. enjoy my pics


This is a good idea, but I mean, if you need two extra fans, just to safely overclock a little laptop just to bring your core speed up to 1067mhz, that's kind of sad in this day and age. I can take an old p3 and overclock it from 500mhz to 900-1000 easily without any bogus cooling.

well when its overclocked the fan is working pretty hard to keep this little guy cool so i thought i wold give it a non-invasive helping hand

A little bit excessive, I think the fan on the side of the eee isn't needed as there's already a fan there however the base fans are great.