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Rate my awesome dog of awesomely awesome cuteness! Answered

So, here's my dog. She's a pure-bred Maltese named Snowy. She's a real bundle of joy, I'll give you that!


20 out of ten for awesomeness
i f i knew where you lived i would steal ur (jk)

Oh what a cute puppy!

She's so cute!!!

(I know this forums topic is outdated) This reminds me of an old dog I had back in 1999-2002. His name was Cody. He was deformed. Just a bit though, his leg was born out of the socket. He couldn't de the things normal dogs could do. We then got him to a vet for a checkup. Now, I was only 5 or 6, so I had no clue what was going on. The vet noticed an odd spot on Cody's back. It was a growth or infection of some sort. My parents had to do what was right. I was laying down and watching TV one day. And my dad told me the horrible news.... (ONE YEAR LATER (2003)) I came home from my friends house. My parents took me into my backyard. There was standing the cutest dog I have ever seen . I decided to name her Sandy. Now, Sandy is a healthy 6 years old. (HAHAHA). I miss Cody so much. But if he hadn't.... you know what, I wouldn't have Sandy.

Maltese are amazingly cute. If I had my external HD anywhere near me, I would post a picture of ours when she was a puppy. I do think I have a picture of here though. Yep.


The puppy picture, she is about the size of my hand. Oh, and on a scale of 1-10 I would have to give it an 8. I saw a teacup poodle one time that wins for cutest dog I have ever seen.


9 years ago

... he's still cute.


9 years ago

... but hes's not as cute as my hamster...


9 years ago

Awwwwwwww. Cute little guy...

awesome pup!!!! sooooooooooo cute

Pet Lovers are the BEST Lovers! I can't wait to get a few pix up here of my furry kids! 1 year old female Akita and a 2 year old male GSD. They guard our ranch and do a mighty fine job of it!

Your dogs sounds very lovely! I can't wait to see a picture of it!

A challenger appears.


....Or so it would seem! Kill him, Snowy! Kill Firebert's dog!

My dog's not cute, but at least he's stupid.


Oh well, then I guess my pet is not much of a pet then ;-) She may not BE much, but she is UBER CUTE :-)

Ellens Pics 2215182.jpgEllens Pics 2215131.jpg

My dog is MUCH cuter. You should have seen that time when she wants to sleep with me so much she growled so loud! Awwww.......

Well, it is all comparative I guess. Most guinea pigs are SUPER shy. Not this little cutie. She comes running over no matter how many times we pick her up and hold her. To see her looking at the computer screen like in the 2nd pick as if she was going to type out a letter, just floored me :-)

. That's not a real dog. That's a toy. j/k Nice looking dog. How old is she? . Here's some "real" dogs. heehee The one in back is a Pit Bull-Mix (~7 yo and the Alpha Bitch) and the one if front is an Australian Cattle Dog (~4 yo).

Picture 001.jpg

That's not a dog, mate.

My old Saint Bernard, he was a dog! He must've weighed 250 lb, at least...he was larger than me by far.

I took him to a training class, and seriously, it was not even funny how hard I had to work just to control him. He tried to eat the other dogs (wimply little chiuauas and terriers, mostly (he was way better at the end though).

On the upside, I felt completely safe walking through the dark parking lot where this was held, since he's so loyal and protective. I would walk through central park at 1:00 in the morning pushing a wheelbarrow full of money if I had him next to me. :D

. I don't hate cute animals. It's more of a my-pet's-cuter-than-your-pet"* deal. We ALL have the cutest pet. ;)

  • My dog's faster than your dog,
  • My dog's bigger than yours.
  • My dog's better 'cause he gets Ken-L Ration,
  • My dog's better than yours

I just got a Papillon. It's not nearly as furry/

Rating: 9 out of 10. Minus one point for sweats.

Can we get a picture where you're not choking the poor thing? :P

He's not choking it, he's holding it up - it's boneless.


9 years ago

Too cute/awesome for this simple humans... thanks for sharing this awesomeness (if that's a word)...

Pretty cute. Does it attack on command?

this one surrenders on command- command from the enemy

  ______ (( ____ \-^ (( _____ ((_____  ((____   ----      /  /     (_(( 

youll change your mind when you see this:


100000000000/10 I WANT IT! where do you live, I am not going to steal it or anything...

My sister used to have one of those.

She kept her PJs in it.