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Rating System. Answered

Ok, so 2 days ago, I was looking for the highest rated Instructable, and it was the 'Useless Machine', with around 4.8 stars.

Today,  iIooked at the highest rated Instructable, and all of a sudden, there are arounsd 10 instructables with exactly 5*, with few ratings (around 35).

The same happened in the Knex section, the 2 highest rated things are exactly 5*, even though I know peoople who rated them 4.5* (me being one of them), the 'Striker' has around 25 ratings- how is this possible?

Is this legitimate, or is it a bug? or a hack? I don't know but I want answers!


With this new system, the ratings change far too quickly!

We don't actually know what the new algorithm is. I don't know if they've backed away from using the site average as a normalization, or something else. I need to PM Rachel to get her to update the documentation.

I think it's exactly the same as before, except now it adds an extra star to the new rating.

I checked again 2 minutes later, and some other instructables came to the first page , and some dropped back!

I just rated an 'ible at 3.5 that had no previous ratings, and the total came up as 1 rating 3.94. It has to be a bug.

I just rated another 'ible that was 1 rating 3.94 with a 3.5, and the total went to 2 ratings 4.00.

Yep, something is seriously wrong, when I rate an ible 4 or 4.5 stars, it jumps to 5 stars in total. But when I rate an ible 5 stars, the gain is not that high...

That sounds like a bug! Are you able to reproduce it by rating something that has no ratings yet? Could you create a bug report and provide a specific example where you did this?

I did it e.g. here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Macaroni-and-Cheese/
I've already written StumpChunkman, we will see how it goes. Apparently I'm not the only one this is happening to, considering the number of 5 stars ibles...

Thanks! PM to Matt is great; creating a public bug report also provides an anchor for him, or Rachel, to announce whenever it gets fixed. Whatever works for you :-)