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Rating disabled? Answered

Hi, has anyone else noticed you cannot rate ibles anymore? Is this on purpose and I just missed the memo?


. I don't think they should have removed the negative rating, but I'm guessing that it was being abused, especially during contests. I thought it was a valuable aid in determining the "street cred" of posts, but it only takes a few ppl misusing it to ruin it. And the plus-only arrangement does fit well with a family-oriented, let's-all-be-helpful type of site such as this one.

I agree.

Although, sometimes, on some of the really really bad knex ibles, I miss it...

I see that I can't give negative ratings anymore, shame when there are so many deserving instructables.

If you can't downrate them you'll have to say why they're not up to scratch instead.

Yea, I'd like to know why my Roy Rogers instructable got downrated. That's the only one of mine to be featured.

I like the positive only rating system...is it just me or has this been in the works for a while? I kept hearing about it, and then they went ahead and did it.

You can still rate them. They're at the spot where it shows the stats. You just can't down rate them anymore. (-1). <--- as in that.

Well, it took me awhile to find it too. :-)

Doh! Thanks for showing it to me! Now I feel really dumb, lol.

The rating button has been moved - look in the statistics box on the right of the screen.