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Ratings Attacked! Answered

Yes before you ask I'm one of those annoying knexers that pretty much everyone hates including ourselves! The reason I say that is because there are some people who get jealous or just want to beat other people so they purposely rate our instructables low to knock us off the front page. This happened to me three times! I only have one left on the front page and I know I'm probably making a bigger deal of this than you guys care but I really wish there was a way to at least report if you think someone attacked it so that we can track those who do it to stop them.


Yeah, I have that same problem too, it gets really annoying. Somebody rated my shocker instructable as "Worthless"!

i didn't do it i swear!

some dude rated my sniper with a half star. he posted a comment. you should investigate him...........

He commented...I doubt it's the same person. And no offense but the sniper wasn't anything too special. I know a few of my weapons arn't either but my TDS for sure is one of them that isn't.

i was thinking that he thought i wasnt paying attention to the problem you have. why is in not special? it features 2 carrying handles, 100+ foot range, a foldable bipod (which also serves as a carrying handle), and it doesnt tax your parts

See???? Proves the comment I posted before. Replying a mentioned opinion about it not being so good with a pro......

Overall I just ment he hadn't much reason to rate it low other than opinion. But yeah what I ment by nothing special as in nothing no one else could have thought up easily. The most impressive thing is the bi-pod. I'm not trying to put you down. It is only my opinion after all...I'm not accepted by anyone as a good critic afterall no one takes my word for anything.

Most people will rate an Instructable as half a star, or five stars. They're not going to think about it much.

ya, i have noticed that. most of the older membors here were here back when they have +1 and -1 (thats were those comments that say that in it come from just so you know) so naturally they rate it .5 or 5 but 5 is best ever and .5 is worst ever which really does not fit any instructables here except two(the worst one and best one).


9 years ago

old rating system was better anyway

You expect for people who give negative ratings to be punished? Its their opinion, they're entitled to it.

Unless you can prove that one person has multiple accounts rating things, I don't think anything's wrong....

No I expect for people who do it purposely not of their opinion but by some sick joke to be punished. I find it rather ironic that all of my ratings get lowered within a couple days...obviously that means one person did this. They also dropped by quite a big ammount so they must have been the same person on multiple accounts.

If its one person with one account, as I said, they've done nothing but express their complete hate of k'nex.

And once again they're at it... Just as soon as my ratings started to recover they got hit again. I don't care about the ratings like I said but I'd really like this guy to be stopped. I don't like the fact that someone out there is targeting me.

The more people who look at the page just to put it down, the better chance you have of getting on Zeitgeist(page views+comments I think), which is also on the front page.

That happened to my Cannon. like 5 times.

yeah man now imagine that you posted some more things and 4 of them got rated down. It's a cycle. Your cannon was awesome so it would get rated up again. My guns are good but people don't see them unless they are on the front page so I have to wait for some new person to come along and rate my guns up again. I don't want to cheat and make multiple accounts to counter the rating.

i'll rate your guns 5 stars if you want me to

Yeah, well, Dont care all that much about ratings, But if they were fair, it would be nice.

dont go mate, so what if some w*n*e*S are purpasly rating your guns down, most of us know what an expert builder you are and we dont need your guns being on the front page to prove it.

I've already established that fact. I've also given instructables one more chance. Next time I'm destroying my account.

I dunno what should I make? I was sort of planning on a Thompson Sub-machine gun "Tommy Gun" Styled. I'm not really sure if I want to do that though.

What is it with you and MP5s!?!?!?!?! I already made the k variant although that turned out to be crap. We already have a normal one that's on the front page of knex guns...do you really need another one?

its because i have fired one before! and i feel that you could make a brilliant one so yes i would like anotherone - made by you

i was looking for 1 of ur guns cuz i wanted to build it

If ur instructables were still there id give them all 5 stars

well i like ur guns and even if i dont like peoples instructables i dont give the a 0 rating

Oh well I'm leaving again this time for good. (didn't take me long the first time) It's not about just my ratings being low but obviously someone has the time to attack me. They continue to make sure my ratings stay low if the come back up and they still attack the ones that were already attacked. I'm sure they just want me gone. Plus practically everyone hates the knexers so one less will make the community happy.


9 years ago

Move on, don't stay to argue, as they most likely don't care about their reputation, and so destroying yours. There isn't really a way to police what people rate an Instructable. It's the way it all kinda works, it relys on the community. =|

Yeah could we at least make it so new members cannot rate right away? That way people can't just make new accounts to rate low several times. Or better yet you have had to post an instructable before you can rate.

Yes, those are both great. Or at least why can't it show what people rated? I mean, hardly ANY instructables are WORTHLESS. It takes several hours to many days to make a good instructable so even if it's a bad idea or something they still put the effort in. Only if someone put 5 minutes into the instructable and it's something abosolutely terrible should someone give a worthless. I don't know if this is true but I found that this basically only happens in K'nex because K'nex is such a defined category meaning you search "knex" and there are only a couple instructable that don't have anything to do with knex. People want to be on the front page so that everyone who does knex thinks their gun or something is good. In other instructables (non-knex) people don't care as much since there are sooo many more instructables, and they vote honestly cause their chance of being at the top wouldn't be achievable through multiple accounts (well maby, if they have no life), and they just want to help other people.

The same thing happened to me, I don't want to just be annoying like OH NOES MY RATING SUXORZ MAKE THEMZ STOPZ. I just want things to be fair.