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Why does my rating thing say "1.5 some flaws"? What does that mean?


Ummm... move your mouse :-) Chicken2209 (below) accuately listed the possible rating values and associated descriptors. However, the descriptions do not actually get displayed (see the screen capture of the rating box for this very topic, below). Instead you see the average of the ratings the topic's been given, as a two-place floating point value.

If you roll your mouse over the stars, then you'll see the numeric value and description associated with the location of your mouse. That's to help you decide whether the value is the rating you actually want to give.

1.5 is the rating number and some flaws is the description
the rating goes like this
  • .5 worthless
  • 1 Poor
  • 1.5 Some Flaws
  • 2 Almost Average
  • 2.5 Average
  • 3 Above Average
  • 3.5 Good
  • 4 Very Good
  • 4.5 Outstanding
  • 5 Best Ever
this givers voters an easier guideline to vote

So then why doesn't this appear on my other Instructables? It's only on the one with no stars/rating.

? it simply means that's what someone felt they should rate your ible, you click on the start hat you fell it deserves.