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Rave Helmet Led delima Answered

Okay, so I just finished making my custom rave helmet made of a really sturdy form of geometric origami made out of triangles. kinda hart to explain but I'll post pictures if need be.
What I want to do now is wire up Leds to the helmet all over it. My problem is:
A: the spacing of the leds would make it impossible  to use a solid led board, I would need to have them wired in some sort of series
B: I'm terrible with diy electronics and have never done anything with arduino.

I really want to be able to set up the leds in a way that they can be programmed to flash, or light up in a cool way, or react to music.
So i figure my best bet is to have some kind of premade Arduino board and power supply that I can buy pre made without having to make my own arduino board because its way too advanced for me.
Thats where I fall off, I'm capable of wiring the leds, but anything more advanced than that I'm pretty lost on. Do you guys have any suggestions for products or tutorials to help me out?


Isn't that instructable for use on a board though? thats my problem is that I can't fit a board into the helmet, its got to be clusters of leds or single leds that are just wired.

Where did you plan on putting the batteries? No shame in plugging into an external pack on the belt or elsewhere. Maybe you need to rethink the design of your helmet to accommodate electronics.

I have spot on the back for the battery pack. I can work with smaller boards like the battery pack, and the arduino board; but not a huge board like the one in that particular tutorial. I'm thinking something closer to the "Led bike turn signal" tutorial.

Oh, that tan board with all the holes a big sheet of "perfboard". You cut out just the chunk you need to mount the components. It is used to quickly build or prototype a circuit board. The final piece that you will build is only a bit wider than those headers/IC sockets. I did not cut the circuit out shown in that instructable.

oh i see! Sorry I'm still trying to piece together my understanding of electronics! In that case I suppose I could make little clusters of 3 leds each and program them however I like right? Thanks so much for your help by the way.

If you follow the ible(instructable) solder long leads on to your LEDs. You can place them anywhere you want on your helmet, line them up, cluster them, arrange in patterns. Bundle up the wires to go back to the circuit board. Do it methodically so you can go back to program in the patterns you want to light up. That pattern generator widget is pretty cool, just visualize the matrix to correspond to your LED triplet groupings. You have 25 LEDs to place and play with.