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Rc airplane trouble. Answered

The motor for my rc airplane won't move. It's just not turning on. The airplane is the hobby zone super cub  part number HBZ7100. I've checked the output for the motor and it's reading full voltage ( I'm assuming 9v is full) and I've even changed the motor. Please help as I need an airplane to fly while I'm making my new one. 

Thanks, bud

P.S. I will specify anything, just ask


Does the motor turn when you do it by hand?

It could be burned out

It could be mechanically seized

It may be a broken wire

It may be a power supply problem at the motor

It could be a receiver problem.

It turns by hand. And it's a brand new motor so there shouldn't be issues at the motor

Then thats 1 thing to cross off the list

Attach the motor direct to the battery (check voltage is correct does it turn?

If No faulty motor or faulty battery

If yes then check your getting voltage out of the speed controller

If no faulty speed controller or faulty receiver

If yes then wiring fault.

Check the output of the receiver with another item like a servo works or doesn't work

Try to eliminate each possible fault area one at a time.

I think I found the issue. My receiver is a cheapy one with the ESC built in. I think the ESCpart is fried.

You can buy a separate ESC if you have a spare channel.

no spare channel. i think im going to try buying a new receiver when I can. I told my neighbors kids id give the plane to them or sell it to them for cheap when i get my new one built. Sadly the plane suffered an accident in my storage area (bedroom) causing the wing to break in 3 peices. So i get to replace electronics and give my neighbors kids a lesson on repairing foam airplane wings.

Thanks for your help.

P.S. I will post pictures when i get this plane fixed and photos/instructable on my new one

Do the rudder and elevator work?  If not, we're looking at a problem further back.
If the rudder and elevator work and the receiver uses the standard 3-wire servo connections, swap over the rudder and ESC (motor controller) connections and see if the motor turns when you move the stick left to right.  That will tell us if the throttle channel from the Rx is dodgy or if there's a motor / ESC problem.

Try turning the throtle full off for 5 seconds then back on. Electic transmitters have a safety feature so that it won't turn until you are at zero throttle.

I've tried holding the throttle off and easing it on. Also tried the kill switch with throttle on. Any other suggestions?