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"Re-making" Ninjutsu, combining Krav Maga and Wing Chun Answered

Hiya guys! Recently I had to give up studying Ninjutsu, because there were no close Dojos. I decided to study Wing Chun instead, but I was still very sad I won't become an urban ninja. Later on, I watched some material art TV shows - I then heard about Krav Maga. It's an israeli martial art that focuses on self-defense. I don't want to give up Wing Chun for it, and nor it for Wing Chun.

Now here comes the interesting stuff - I came up with a great idea. Ninjas were basically assassins, but that's not what I wanted to be. I wanted a lifestyle. If I will study parkour, I will be able to run jump and hop, like ninjas did. If I will study Wing Chun, I will be an expert an unarmed combat. Krav Maga will teach me weapon stuff - defending attacks, disarming, and fighting with them. All left is to be sneaky, and here I am - a whole new modern ninja-like life style, designed for life in the city!

My question is, will I be able to learn Wing Chun and parkour at the same time, and as soon as I'll reach Wing Chun Mastery I'll start with Krav Maga. I'm not sure if I'll ever make it to master 2 martial arts, but the ninjas mastered fighting with almost any weapon, so I guess it's possible.

Your opinion?


Omg that's exactly what i have been doing over the past few years i study ninjitsu and krav maga and im tying to pick of wing chun beacuse these are the worlds best martial arts! so don't let anything stop u from being what u want to be people like u and me have a calling that we have to answer this is who we are and nothing will stop that! no matter how long it takes we keep trying! and don't get caught up with Q's and belts and levels martial arts is about you! i have studied martial arts for 5 years and i don't have a black belt because i don't like testing and ever since i started martial arts has been about what i can learn so when i fight in tournaments im the only green belt that fights on a black and brown belt level! and parkour isn't that hard to learn! the way that i learn is i watch a bunch of tutorials on youtube! it works well but make sure u have some good shoes i normly go with pumas! just make sure that they have good arch support and good ankle support and great traction!and stay safe! ps if u ever need some inspiration watch ip man its amazing! well good luck! Peace Out!!!

Actually a lot of shaolin training is similar to parkour. the idea is if you can go through a jungle gym at high speed at any angle, what can touch you. plus you build redicules strengh


8 years ago

Sorry if it's too long for you, I had to give you an idea about what is all about... Thanks in advance for any answers!