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Re-purpose slide projector lens? Answered

Can a 100 to 200mm slide projector lens be used as an add on telephoto lens for my small digital camera?  They're cheaper than used camera lenses.


OK, tried it and my configuration did not work all that well. I have a 2.5 inch f1.6 projector lens I got from surplushed.com and use a a wide field magnifier. I stuck it in front of my Fuji Finepix E570 and got a blurry mess (photo #1). The opposite way showed a little more macro promise, but not all that great (photo #2). DSLR was out due to the very short flange distance. In a projector, the film is nearly touching the back of the lens. Too short for mirror mechanisms to be in the way. Without some corrective lenses, the projection lens seems like a fail.


Was hoping to get an answer, before I invest in a projector. In my area, they seem to be going for $20 to $50 ea.

Ok then I doubt it as alignment and quality of the optics well most likely render it useless, or at best a poor option.