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Re-using Smart TV board from dead TV to make another TV smarter... Answered


I have just bought LG 47GA6400 TV but I damaged LCD screen (CRD31092201) when I was assembling it. 
I couldn't find low cost LCD to replace and I started wondering how I can reuse any remaining parts of this TV.
Actually there are many people like me wondering what to do with dead Smart TV.

Few years ago you would receive a standard advice – throw it away.
But today Smart TV parts are powerful and with your help might be re-used again...

Here is an example:
My LG TV has mainboard with dual core CPU,  Google TV inside and cool remote controller with QWERTY keyboard and tons of applications....
I wish I could reuse it with other, not so smart LCD TV I have. 
The only problem, how to connect Smart TV mainboard to a HDMI. 
It doesn't have HDMI out, it has only input ports and one LCD interface cable....

Is it a crazy idea to convert LCD interface back to HDMI or VGA ?

Can you create an instructables to show how to do that ?




2 years ago

sorry I have read all this but I need to hear the right answer.



#1 is Smart Tv

#2 is not smart tv


can I switch main board from #1 into #2 so #2 is Smart tv?

Thank you


Reply 2 years ago

I did it I replace a main and T-COM board from a smart tv 50' into a regular 47" and now its a 47 smart tv I just use a universal control app from my phone to control the tv I did need to make a cut on the cover to get the conector plug availables


4 years ago

The idea was to connect Smart TV board to HDMI of another TV.
The only problem how to add HDMI out interface to Smart TV board.
Is it possible to convert LCD interface into VGA or HDMI out?


Reply 4 years ago

Possible? Yes

Possible as a novice? No

As i said the LCD interface isn't standardized. You would need to know the fuction of each wire in the interface, so you can feed it into some additional processing so it can be converted to the format of your choice. Essentially requiring another small computer.

In the end it would be easier and cheaper to spend $100 on a Roku box.


4 years ago

Not going to work. You would need to use the board to drive the LCD of the other TV. The drivers on the board probably won't be compatible with the other screen so your out of luck. More and more manufactures are going out of their way to make things proprietary so you are not able to reuse parts of fix it on your own. If you want a reusable smart TV then get a Roku or similar box that can attach to any TV.