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ReRapRequest Answered

Do you have access to a 3d printer?  Can you do me a favour?

Three years ago, I published an Instructable for a paper catapult, which has had a steady trickle of interest ever since.

Recently, Instructables member hintss created files for it to be printed in 3d, but i don't have access to a 3d printer :-(

If you have access to a 3d printer, and the time/resources to spare, could you have a look at the files hintss has posted in the comments of the Instructable, and maybe even print one off??

Please?  I'll even create a shiny new patch for you?


I'd be willing to donate you $100 in shapeways vouchers kiteman if they're still valid. I won them in a competition last year. If not the guy next door to our work has a 3d printer....


But - do the files work? I don't know.

Ummmm, what format are they? I can see if I can open them in the cad software we have.

One has a scad extension, the other is stl.

They're on the Ible linked above.


7 years ago

Would it not be easier to produce some nets (or whatever you call them) so that it could be, for instance, laser cut by your friendly engineers with a laser cutter? A nice purple frosted translucent catapult, perhaps...

Oh... and held together by those neat joints that Jayefuu came across!

Taking a quick look at the STL file it has a volume of 46 cm^3, that'll cost about $75 and up at Shapeways. I have no idea what a scad file is, but if you could have them re make the model as a shell, open at the bottom, say with a wall thickness of 3mm, it would be much cheaper.


Ouch - I'll stick to pennies for paper, but if anybody does make one, it would be cool to see...