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Read ipod now playing data? Answered

I was wondering if there as any way to read the now playing data off an ipod. I want to hopefully read this data and then show it on an led display (most likely arduino controlled) the display is still unmade but i am thinking of making it 8x24. Probably will just need song name and artist :)




Best Answer 7 years ago

It's not so easy. For one thing, all accessories need to be authorized by Apple. This means you need a little chip that can be embedded into the device, telling the iPod that it's OK to talk. You can steal this part from a broken accessory, or take one from a knockoff Chinese-made accessory.

Once the iPod knows it's allowed to talk, you need a microcontroller to communicate via a serial connection to the iPod. Here's where more Apple-proprietary nonsense come into play; you'll likely need to sign up as an Apple developer to get access to the various commands and protocols needed to talk to the iPod. Or, again, you can try to find them floating around on the web.

It's a cool project, but the sheer lack of similar projects would indicate that for most people it's more trouble than it's worth (or perhaps just too expensive).

I have a broken ihome2go that i have taken apart, i just need to know what chip to look for. It has basic play/pause, fast forward/rewind functions but not much else. Tried a remote from another ihome and that got some signals, but not all (i cant remember if i was able to navigate menus or much else, it was a while back)


If i were to use communication #'s in here (they are under advanced remote i think) how would i go by using microcontroller (arduino most likely) to control it. Looks like the commands are in hexadecimal format, but i cant really figure much else out

possibly connect resistor to pin 21 to get correct mode (im thinking either 500k or 10k ohm)

I'm sorry to ask so many questions, but here's another. How would you go by making a serial connection with the ipod? do you have to have some special adapter or anything?

I looked on the developer site as well, but didn't see anything (i did not do too much of an extensive search, but it might be in there)

Many thanks for all your help! :)

Hey all, been thinking about it and it looks like its just going to be too much hassle for me :), so i think i am going to scrap it 4 now
would be a fun project to do sometime though.. :)

You need to use the Apple Accessory Protocol -- http://pinouts.ru/PortableDevices/ipod_pinout.shtml

I leave the searching to you. It's a nightmare.