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Read others Mind! Answered

lets start quickly without taking much of your time.... 1. Keep a simple +ve and non-zero number in mind, example 3, 45, 79 or anything 2. Add 2 to that number, Feel free to use a pen, paper and computer calculator 3. multiply by two 4. add 10 5. add 20 6. devide by two 7. substract 15 8. substract the original number you had in step 1 9. add 6 10. multiply by 5 11. add 59 12. NOW THE RESULT OF all your calculation is 99, is that right?


Wow!!!! You are a brain genie,nice trick I got 99 but I can't do this trick on any one because I cant understand


6 years ago

ey dude du u now more tricks

the number goes away in step 8.....to 0

use pen, paper and calculator to calculate, or let me know the number you assumed in step one?

Never thought of this kind of mindreading trick before. Thanks for sharing

So I tried simplifying the equation..sorry can't help it =P
Number in mind is y, after much simplification, the equation will be:
(y + 17 - 15 - y + 6) x 5 + 59 = result

Since +y and -y cancel out each other, then the result will always be:
(17 - 15 + 6) x 5 + 59 = result
Which will always be 99. Brilliant trick!

I'm gonna try this on my co-worker :)

thats right! This kind of stuff is very useful to educate the children who know basic maths! Use this for positive learning. Thanks!