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Reading Online Answered

Since you're reading this right now, you clearly read online. But exactly how we read online is not so clear. Slate, my favorite place to read online (besides Instructables), takes a very interesting look at the trends behind online reading.

No puns, though? I refuse that refuse. And make sure to rest your eyes after reading the article.

Check it out here


Besides links and bold, I've actually been trying to do this for a while. A while ago I realized that long paragraphs seem to be large obstacles in reading, so I tried separating my paragraphs into just 2-3 short sentences, and it looks a lot more friendly. Haha, the last link when he says you can stop reading now is a Rick Roll. He gets five points from me.

Interesting article.

I tried to apply this method to my last post as it was slightly too long ... I wonder if it will work =o)