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ReadyMade Garden Challenge Answered

Our friends at ReadyMade are holding their second annual Garden Challenge. If you're into gardening, reuse, or reclaiming space on a small budget (sound like anyone here?), this should be right up your alley.
Here's the info:

ReadyMade is looking for contenders for its Second Annual Garden Challenge. Winners will have their outdoor space published next spring and will vie for yet-to-be-determined-but-amazing prizes.

Here are the parameters:

1. ReadyMade gives you $300

2. You take that loot and transform your outdoor space (whether it be an actual garden, a stoop, a rooftop, or even a window box) in an innovative way. The transformation can include any of the following: creative landscaping, outdoor furniture/firepits/fountains, edible gardens, and so forth.

Bonus points go to those who incorporate:
-native plants
-water catchments or grey water systems
-food farming
-salvage/reused objects

3. You send in photos of your work by Sept 1. Our panel of judges selects winners, then we send out a photographer to shoot the garden by end of September.

To submit ideas, take a "before" shot of the garden/stoop/roof/sill you plan to redo, and draw up a sketch or list of projects/plantings you plan to implement and email the lot by August 1st, 2008 to: shana (at) readymademag.com. You'll then have one month to perform your magic.

Attached is an example of a winning entry from our first garden challenge. Derek's submission of backyard camping projects was so good, we hired him.

Many thanks,
The ReadyMakers


Awesome! My parents are interested in planting a large garden full of different fruits and veggies to taper our costs of everyday foods. Thanks for the information!

Cool! Let us know how it goes.

Today we started to dig holes to put in some fence posts to build the outline of the garden. I am excited about this project, because it gives us the power to customize it any way we choose. I may even have to convince my parents to add a compost tumbler. I will try to make an Instructable, but if that doesn't work I will definitely post some pictures of the final product.

We plant a humongous garden every year-we have cucumbers, squash, radishes, zuchinni, carrots, onions, lettuce, spinach, brussel sprouts (bleh!), tomatoes, green beans, snap peas, watermelon, cantelope, popcorn, gourds, peppers, and potatoes. We also have blackberries, blueberries, two kinds of raspberries, cherries, apples, pears, peaches, plums, grapes and hazelnuts. And we eat our own pigs and cows. And we have a pond stocked with catfish, and crappie, and bluegill.

How do you manage to keep the critters out of your enormous variety of delectables.

Well, two sides are up against a fence, so the deer don't really get into it. Other than that, we probably do have a few bunnies and such chewing on the veggies, but theres so much out there we don't really notice. Sometimes we set live traps if the possums or racoons get really bad.

OK, I'm officially jealous!
Especially about the bluegill. They're awesome.

Lol! We haven't had a chance to eat any of the fish yet, they have been growing, they're just now getting big enough to eat. I'll maybe do a fish cleaning ible when we do catch some, assuming there isn't one already.

I have no idea! Since they don't spell it out, it's probably a flexible number depending on number/quality of entries. Are you going to try it?

I don't think I've really got a place to do it. It does seem like it would be fun, though.

Wow I like this idea. I had done some "alternative" gardening when I was much younger and know of a few ways to make it more effort saving as well as space saving, but I am not so sure I could grow anything outside of radishes in the next month or so, even if I started immediately.

That's why you start with plants. ;) It sounds like a fairly broad contest - maybe you could use potted plants that you bring indoors for the winter?

*shakes head* I must have been sleepy when I wrote that last post. Of course, if I started with plants being sold that have been growing all along, they would be in synch with the season. Sometimes I don't know where my head is at *sigh*. (I haven't gardened for over 30 years...does it show? LOL).

Do you think guerilla gardening would count as a space, or does it have to be yours to begin with?