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Real Guns/Firearms: Appropriate for Instructables? Answered

I just noticed there are very few instructables and forums relating to real firearms. I know a fair bit about firearms: safety, handling, collecting, investing, maintenance, mild modifications, repair, and use of force. I can produce Ibles related to these topics, and I have a few questions to put in Forums. However, I'm not certain this is the place for that sort of thing. I don't want to do anything to damage the Instructables community. I don't want to bring needless scrutiny upon innocent people. I need feedback as to whether or not these sort of things are appropriate for this site.


A lot of the Instructable community seems to be old enough to hunt but not old enough to buy their own handguns. But anyone of any age can benefit from knowing how to be safe around guns. You did a real good job with your Safety writeup. So many people are killed by "Hey, check out my dad's revolver! It's so kewl! Don't worry, it's not loaded."


Perhaps an Ible on firing straight, with both long guns and handguns? Shooting without proper aiming is quite dangerous, and too many people do it.

Good idea. I may do an ible on proper aiming technique. If I do, I'll include laser, red-dot, scopes and open/iron sights.

I don't personally like using guns, save for target practice. But I am not against guns in any way. They're simply not my preference of weapon. Still, I think Instuctables on the proper safety, use, and maintainence of guns is an excellent idea. And honestly, I believe the banning of firearms (in the US) is unConstitutional. It is our right as Americans to be properly armed for the purposes of quickly gathering a militia (and self-protection). If someone stupid and does something illegal with their guns, then (and only then) that individual should have that right revoked. Disarming the people just means that the criminals are better armed, and in order to defend yourself, you'd have to become a criminal too. That's just dumb.

I'm with you. It's ridiculous to disarm intelligent, honest, sensible people. The criminals/tyrants will always be armed. Why should the innocent suffer because of gun-grabbing politicians?

That being said, because of the international nature of the instructables community, I probably will steer clear of gun-rights issues on the ibles. I might (or someone should) however, do an ible on how to insure/secure/maintain/aquire your freedom. The bill of rights definitely deserves a showcase on that sort of ible!!!!

I would just like to get a point accross, I'm from the UK where guns are pretty much banned unless you are very rich and own a lot of land. But at present we have a problem with hooded youths obtaining guns so anything that teaches them to maintain these weapons would be frowned upon by the authorities and personally I'd be happy to have these guns jam and blow the little blighters up, they're no use to society now and never will be.

That's a sad situation. England used to make the awesomest double-rifles and fowling peices. I understand your situation. In cities in the US that have banned handguns (that's being remedied soon), the criminals are all armed. The general population is at the mercy of hooligans, and the police can't really protect the public.

Still are making good weapons, trouble is they're being used by the terrorists and taliban to kill our troops. and scum to kill each other and policemen,it's getting that bad they set up traps for firemen and paramedics, glad my life is nearly over and pity my kids future.

How about "how to disarm a gun quickly"?

That's actually part of my invention. Unfortunately, I'm still looking at a patent.Rendering a gun inoperable is an important skill. I can do an ible on how to disarm an assailant. It's dangerous, but in certain circumstances might be the best option.

Yes, actually, that is exactly what I am looking for. I've tried wikihow...those hacks don't know how to write instructions to boil an egg!

Adrian, I'll try to make the "Disarming an Assailant" ible, sometime next week. I'll have to find time to take the pics.

When you say rendering a gun inoperable, is that while it's not in your possession, because if I have one in my possession it only takes a few seconds with an Oxyacetylene torch and that gun is never firing again, I have even done it with a hydraulic bottle jack and flattened out a part of the barrel, so I would be intrested in hearing more about your idea (( I do respect the fact you want to patent it so I won't bug you if it's some thing you don't want to share )) And I think the disarming Ible would be a fun one to make, and while you might never use the info, it doesn't hurt to know a few tips and tricks that one day might save your rear........ Even some info on prevention for store owners who seem to have a problem with armed robbery it could be tips on what info to look for while the crime is taking place to aid the police.... ((( It would be cool if a store would let you do it there, and just think of the free advertising they would get, they could even sponsor a contest <> well every one like winning things right ? ))) And I'm sure there is a few users that are in the law enforcement who could offer some advice.................... And info for some of the younger people on the site who might be working in a store, and tell them what to do if they are robbed (( I have talked to several people about this and several store owners, unless it's a large chain store, people just don't talk about it, they tend to think it won't happen to them )) and kids don't really understand the concept of, it's not your money, so give it to them, your life is worth more then the few bucks in the till that's not even yours ..... (( not to mention there is Insurance to cover any larger losses, and the Tax write offs ))


10 years ago

I wouldn't mind making a "How to Properly Dismantle and Clean a Gun" -ible....


That's a good idea. There's room for several of those related to specific guns. Let me know what you have in mind, and I'll steer clear of your territory.

I plan on doing a toutorial on how to dismantle a bolt action rifle, pump shotgun, and a handgun/revolver.. kinda cover the basics

Cool. I might do a few autos later. I don't usually have much time, so the more you can cover, the better.

Sounds good! I don't have any autos, but my one friend does, maybe he can help me out a bit.

I think its okay. As long as you show your own weapon, your own pictures and things like that. And your not performing serious mods like building a silencer, or modding a weapon to fire burst or full auto. I don't want to see a intstuctable on weapon safety/maintenance when the author doesn't even own a weapon himself. Thats like trying to tell someone how to drive a car when they don't even have a car themselves.

Oh, come on! People are posting all kinds of 'ibles on silencers and full-auto mods for airsoft, paintball, knex, etc. Oh, and you don't need to own a gun to know and teach safety precautions. I know not to point the barrel in any direction that might cause harm should the gun fire. Loaded or not, they should be treated this way: as if they are loaded. It seems as if you just mention a gun, people look around, thinking of terrorists with AK-47's mowing people down by the thousands. Sigh.

Im not taking about knex because people are proud of their knex and post ones they actually build/ modify. But look at all the guides to paintball and soft air. The first picture is always either a professional team or a real Army fire team that they stole somewhere. They always feature weapons they dont have and equipment they can't afford. I can tell because they post 1 "stock" looking picture and then no other different picture of the weapon. Then if you look closely in another step you see a clear plastic pistol in the very corner of the shot. In reality I don't care if you have a kmart $60 paintball gun or a walmart $7 clear plastic soft air pistol. And your fire team wears blue jeans and hoodies. Use that in your instructable instead. I don't want to see something like that involving a real fire arm. First thing you should do when picking up any fire arm. Put the weapon on safe and clear the weapon making sure its unloaded. Sorry but thats kinda hard to do when you don't know or own the weapon .

I'm not quite sure what you're saying, but from what I undestand, you don't like the idea of fakers pretending to make a good ible on things they don't know about? I agree.

I think one of the points he's making is that in order to take appropriate pictures, you must have the gun there to take the pictures of, while doing each step. On a side note, it's OK to not use your own photos, as long as they apply to what you're talking about, and you have permission from the person who took them.

I agree. An ible without real pics would be pretty lame. And I probably won't do any mod-ibles except maybe adding normal accessories (scope, sling, etc.). There's always someone out there that will take a sensible mod too far and hurt themselves. I don't want to be a party to that!


10 years ago

You did a great job on the ible. The only subject that might be slippery is "use of force," since the laws vary widely (even in the US.) Of course, country-to-country laws vary on many of the topics, too, since the instrutables community is international. IMO the educational benefits of posting outweigh any negatives. Worst case is you get flamed; best case is an intelligent discussion..

Thanks, I think understanding safety measures is never a bad thing. Even if you never intend to pick up a weapon. Yeah, I think I'll do a UNARMED "use-of-force" ible eventually. I'm certified to teach law enforcement pressure point control techniques (as well as ladies sel-defences, use of baton, disarmament techniques, etc..) That way it would be more applicable internationally.


10 years ago

Thou shalt post.

I'll probably do one on basic identification, and usage soon.

I think firearms are completely appropriate for instructables in the right context, cleaning and safe usage instructables, tips on target shooting and the likes of these are a great idea, however I strongly disagree with instructables such as making zip guns, something I'm surprised hasn't appeared considering some of the other stupid things from the anarchist cookbook (pet hate of mine)

For example ledzep's 'ible on shooting rice out of a shotgun Is great, it's showing you something safe, clever and green...

In some respects firearms are a problem, sine this is a family site and in that respect I think all firearms instructables should be looked over since anything missing decent safety instructions becomes a serious liability.

I myself have been meaning to write a few 'ibles on proper safety and positions from target shooting, I hope to get my friend to demo this since he is a trained instructor after doing the proper courses in cadets. I myself have supervised bth indoor and outdoor target shooting.

Along with that I considered an 'ible on doing your safety check which you have to pass a test in with the cadets before being allowed to fire a rifle.

All in favor say I!

I think that it mite get frowned upon, especially people who live in countries with alot of gun crime. People could easily say it 'encourages gun use, and makes them look like a cool thing to have and show off' I personally have no problem, just saying what other people may, and probably will think.

You won't do any damage teaching people the proper, safety, maintenance, etc, In fact I think lots of people could use and benefit from a ible on it ....

Ok, I plan to post one on firearms safety tonight, if I get the pics done. Thanks!

. I don't have a problem with any of those subjects. In fact, I would like to encourage you. I have a feeling you will do a much more responsible job than many of the explosives-related iBles.
. Might want to save use of force for later on. ;)