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Real X-Men. REAL SUPERPOWERS! Answered

You might have seen Adrian Monk's Superheroes are real thread, which was about people who don half of a superheroes arsenal- "The costumes", and go off to take crime in with their own mortal hands.

Now, that's nice and all, normal people doing extraordinary things. But, wouldn't you rather see Extraordinary people doing extraordinary things? I mean, they are really better suited for such things.....

Well then, here are 7 People From Around the World With Real Mutant Superpowers .

Some language might be NSFW, so be cautious. This is an extremely funny article.

Also, I found out that #3, Yves Rossi a.k.a. Jet-man, (Who you just might have heard of.... ) has his own website: Jet-man.com!!


I already saw this...it's kindof about super powered people...it sure would be cool if they became real life superheros...who says you can't live a comic book?

uhuh... I see nothing "mutant" about them....

  • The baby is.......
  • That's just the title of the article. Just focus on this: Can you do any of those things?

Could you lift weights at age 4 that most 10 year olds couldn't?!

Can you kill a bull with one punch??

Can you eat an airplane??

Can you use sonar like tactics to know where you're going without using your eyes??

I could eat the plane, but I don't know about the other end..