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Real-life Back to the Future 2 hoverboard Answered

French artist Nils Guadagnin has built his very own hoverboard based on the hoverboards in Back to the Future II. It's pink, it's a board, and it actually does hover when placed on its platform.
Integrated into the board and the plinth is an electromagnetic system which levitates the board. A laser system stabilises the object in the air.
The board is hovering with the help of two CLM-1+ levitation modules made by Crealev.

Hoverboard Project

via geekologie


I wonder how much weight it can carry and still hover?

 Doesn't look like it'd support much.

The levitation modules have a max of 1kg each so 2kg.

What if you switched out the hover devices that he use, with propellors and use that as a lifting power instead of magnets.
It will work 2 small helicopter propellors driven by a ultra light engine.
Would that work???

I am working on a miniature model and hope it will fly :)

the propellors would in theory help the board float, but the propellors are not strong enough to hold a kid let alone an average person but great idea.

for this to be actauly rideable there would need to be some sort of downwards proulsion system that would be able to act as a stopping mechanism itself, or some other way to stop at high speeds, also superconductors would be better if its possible for them to use the planets magnetic fields to hover in, but room temperature super conducters are still a while away and i dont think the field lines will be close enough :/

i designed one that im having kiteman see if the physics behind it would be realistic and correct

It is not possible to use the terrestrial magnetic field to hover.  That field is only 1 gauss (10-4 T), and in most populated areas is more or less horizontal, not vertical (work out the geometry yourself).

Would some form of triboelectric charge effect in combination with the corona effect of say, a Van de Graaff to levitate be more plausible? Of course, I realize the amounts of energy involved with just levitating one's hair, or paper strips, so the idea may need to scrapped from the get-go, but it is interesting to think about ways of levitation like this or the ionization discharge (which CAN levitate very VERY light objects) even if currently impractical.

ionization discharge just moves ions down the object at a rate of speed creating a airfoil which creates lift, its just a fan that uses a lot of electricity, (1.1 gigawatts if I'm not mistaken)

Even if you were able to get it to hover you wouldnt be able to turn. All your force will be going in one direction with no way to change it.

well for the energy storage, carbon nano tubes are only a few years away, and in around 20 years carbon nano tube baterries should be a common sight, and hopefully the prototype laser rifle im working on wont need carbon nano tube batteries, otherwise its gona be a while before i can finish it....



8 years ago

LOL sweet. That's a cool centerpece.

Just  5 more years until we get the real things :D

 Dang I was just going to say the same thing

Aaaaah! You all are just mad because you didn't think of it first. I think this makes a nice conversation piece. It's no worse then pretend 'trekkies' running around with plastic fake phashers that don't do anything. (That I know of.) Or how about the 'light saber' display one can buy. I applaud creativity in all it's forms.

Most of use aren't "just mad" (only the ones too lazy to read the posting or follow the links).  I think it's a really cool project, and a great bit of art.

 one word      magnets

One word....duh.  Did you read the italicized text in the posting?  Did you follow the link to the actual magnetic levitation device used?

I have an awesome idea. He should add wheels to that board, then ride it. He could call it a roller deck.

that would just defiete the purpose

People unclear on the concept....

The purpose of having a piece of wood you can ride?

No.  The purpose of irony (I loved your post, doodlebug just didn't get it).

OMG!! ThATS AW3SOM3!!!1!!!!1!!!!! OMGWTFLOLBBQ Really guys? It's just a magnet. A pink magnet, but still just a magenet. I was pulling this prank on people in 1st grade.

Yay, someone else who can't follow the links, and doesn't know how complex active feedback systems can be.

It's more than just a magnet. Try and float one magnet over the other for a second. Not so easy.


8 years ago


Finally Ive only been waiting since 1989

too bad it needs the platform they should mod it to make it useful so we can actually use it outside like a real skateboard

Did you read the included links?  Do you know how magnetic levitation works?  Until all of our streets are paved in steel, you'll need a platform.

hahaha i just thought of the same thing yet i posted my comment
b4 reading yours :P . . . . . GMTA! [great minds think alike] w00t :D

from no onwards, lets imbed magnets in to the pavement outside
so that we can go hovering around in these things lawl 8D