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Realistic looking fake moss Answered

Does anyone have a way to make realistic fake moss? I've tried using dryer lint dyed green but it just looks like dryer lint dyed green. Has anyone tried using other materials? I was thinking of using felt cut up and shredded.



The grass for most board games like warhammer looks like moss.

Though you could just make real moss - search moss paint in the corner to give you some ideas but basically it's moss, a little mud, old beer and water blended in to a smoothie that you paint on where you want the moss to grow...

What are you trying to cover in moss? What scale or how large an area do you need to cover. Models or dioramas use a dried lychen plant material for moss. Fuzzy green moss/mold can be simulated with polyester fiber "flocking" and faux paint techniques.

I'm trying to make moss to cover foam tombstones for this year's Halloween.

mmm, maybe get a can of that spray "orange peel painted ceiling textured effect" and spray some parts and spray with some green. You could also do with flicking on some drywall compound or spackling too and then paint it green.

I have seen those rough green pan scrubs chopped up and stuck down and also kitchen sponge. As caitlinsdad said it can depend on the area you wish to cover.