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Really easy multi use desktop machine Answered

I need a multi purpose machine that can fit in a one cubic foot area. I need it to do most or all of the following; 1.) Have a "3rd and 4th hand" 2.) Fit in a 1'x1' space 3.) Light 4.) A controlable .1-24 volts DC output 5.) Small Storage 6.) Large magnifier on a flexible mount. 7.) Built in ruler 8.) Wire reel holder Im Sorry for being so picky, but I need to somehow cram all of that in to a small space. Pics or drawing would be nice. But comments and ideas would be better. P.S. Pic isn't related to machine



10 years ago

i can do all of that for you except for the DC output

Belly-button integration? Or we could remove an eye...

If you can show me how, I can add a DC power supply on the side.

I can find a power supply, I just need to cram all this in to a small space