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Really random idea Answered

Does anyone know anything about connecting aquariums together? I think that in the end the "aquariums" will end up being random objects that hold water like blender jars, etc., but I was also interested in whether anyone has examples of aquariums joined (as in the fish can swim between the two aquariums) with tubing of some kind?




8 years ago

The Carnegie Science Museum in Pittsburgh had one of the coolest multi-tank setups I've ever seen.  Essentially 4 big tanks connected by acrylic tubes/bridges.  Each tank corresponded to different locations on a coral reef:
Fore Reef: The high-energy zone. Waves from the open ocean hit here first, creating the most surge or water movement. The light is dimmest here because of the water's depth and the waves creating bubbles that temporarily create shade. Animals must be strong swimmers or must instinctively make their homes in darker waters to live here.
Back Reef: The activity zone. More species of animals live here than anywhere else in the reef. The environment is brighter and the water shallower than is the case in the fore reef, providing an ideal home for many coral reef animals.
Lagoon: The calmest part. There is little wave action here and light levels are at the highest intensity. The lagoon's calm, shallow waters provide a stable environment for a unique group of plants and animals.
Mangrove: The natural breeding ground and nursery. In this transitional area between land and aquatic ecosystems, there are fluctuating levels of light and calm waters. The long sea grasses and mangrove tree roots provide plenty of hiding places that make this an ideal environment for sea horses.

From http://www.carnegiesciencecenter.org/Default.aspx?pageId=206
Each tank had a bucket that would fill and tip into the tank, simulating natural wave conditions for the reef area. The fish/fauna would aggregate in the reef areas (tanks) most natural to their home environments. Wish I could share photos, but I couldn’t find any online.

i went to a pet store, and they had 4 l-shaped 300 gallon tanks making a square with a foot wide pipe between each tank, twas neat to see tanks and stuff swimming through them

I was wanting to hook up 2 tanks that are on top of each other. Before starting and wasting the material. I wanted to know if anyone thought that this might not work. Here's a very crude outline of what I am wanting to do.

aquarium Hookup.jpg

Sorry to say but unless the bottom tank is air tight, this will not work. As soon as the pipe is filled with water, you will syphon out the top tank into the bottom and will overflow. However if it is air tight, it might well work as there is no place for air and water to go. The easier thing to do is to hook them up horizontally but make sure that no water levels are above the tops of any other container. Good luck and post pics of the finished project.

The difference in height would make water get sucked out of the top one and cause the bottom one to overflow until the water clears the opening of the top pipe. They need to be at the same height for this to work.

That was what I was thinking. I was thinking that the pipe going to the ground might keep it from doing that by redirecting the force. But, I believe that to be wishful thinking. Thanks for the reply. I am still wanting to do something similar. Any ideas?

Is the pipe going to the ground open or closed? Either way, it still wouldn't work if the tanks are at different levels. They need to be at the same level for this to work.


9 years ago

Well good luck = )


9 years ago

Well there might be a tank like that but they might be exspensive and might not work.


9 years ago

Maybe someday someone will create an aquarium like that but for now stick to the normal tank don't harm your fish. U_U No one wants their pet to die right?

I saw a video on youtube that did ths !

Do you have the link?

i always liked this idea, but I don't have or want fish. If I don't pick up my dog's poop, pretty sure I wont clean an aquarium.

wow, this really isnt such a random, unique idea. Its called a closed loop system. Its pretty standard for combining tanks. Do you really think that fish stores mantain individual tanks?

Most fish stores don't use tubing, they just use meshy plastic as the walls to allow water flow, but not fish flow.


10 years ago

All you have to do is get pvc piping thats about a foot long (and make sure your fish can fit through it)then cut one hole in each side of the tanks that are as thick as the piping (make sure the piping fits tight in the holes. Next use shower sealer and spread it all of the way around the piping on each side but, make sure you put the sealer on the out side of the tanks only. Finally let it dry for 24 hours and fill it up with water and put your fish in and its done.

The original site doesn't work any more, but check out the cache of this awesome fish tank set up with tunnels going into multiple rooms [http://web.archive.org/web/20060529015518/http://www.fishighway.com/ Fish Highway]

The site was really cool, definitely exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

That would be totally impossible to clean.

Not if you had all the water cycle back into the 10-gallon. You could clean the little tank and it would actually pretty much take care of the rest of the setup if the pumps were working like they should. Of course if the pumps weren't working correctly then you are going to flood your house with about 5 gallons of water or so. ;-)

You would need glass cutting tools if you were to do it with two glass aquariums.

Yeah, I thought of that, and unfortunately I don't have access to anything like that. That is kind of why I was going the route of spreading the aquarium out amongst various household objects that could easily be connected with tubing, using a single aquarium as a reseviour. Maybe I should just stick with putting the aquarium in an old TV set. Haha.

You could do that with an old tv if you had a place you can get acrylic panels, I don't mind acrylic but it scratches wayyyy to easily. Also, if you're using anything like a blender or anything around the house, made sure it's washed out with boiling hot water, trust me, you don't want your fish to die.

What would the acrylic panels be for? You gut a tv and place a tank behind the screen, build in some lights and places for the wires to go with a hinged top and you are done. Google "tv aquarium" and you can see what I'm talking about... They even have instructions on there... Actually, there may be a howto on this site somewhere.


11 years ago

How about using a heat-bent clear acrylic tube as a siphon-at-equilibrium. (I mean , you know, like a bridge, but for fish to cross over air)

That's an interesting idea. I had been thinking in terms of pumps and how much pressure it would take to have two tubes (coming and going) and to equalize the water flow in and out. Hmmm... This is getting expensive really quickly.

Haha, good call. Not a bad idea. Supposedly you can get clear PVC piping, I am thinking that maybe custom-building a stand to hold the random objects, and then clear PVC piping between them might be the way to go... The tubing for the pumps could be outside of the PVC piping for most of the way. Maybe have the water from the tubes draw and dump into a small 10 gallon aquarium... How water-tight is silicone? I am about to have to move, so I am thinking about something noticeable for my living room.

I thought about this before, you have to include a gum ball machine. But I really have no Idea