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Rebuilding after the end has come to pass... Answered

The year is 2054, the human race has endured its biggest and longest war ever leaving the last survivors to fend for them selfs in its wake.
To make matters worse, a human designed diseasse has spread, thinning out the last survivors to less than 50.000 people all over the world who happen to be lucky enough to be ressistent to the dissease.
There are no more governments, no more borders, no forms of modern society ''at all...'' except for your own rules and moral state of mind.

Raw modern resources are almost all used up, maybe a few drops of oil here and there but not enough to be reliable for longterm use at all.
City's have burn down to the ground, blasted into the sky or have bin left to decay and rust, there are simply not enough people arround to keep them running.

U, yes U are one of the lucky ones to wake up one morning, having your loved ones by your side and you can see the sun come up!
Your in a forrest, your car has run dry on fuel, but your alive and kicking!

What would you do to survive, build a longterm home and grow out to become a safe haven for "all" who will find your place of refugee?

These are the conditions you have that work for you:

1. You are not alone, you have the ones that are closest to you with you all the way. ( ideal situation huh? )
2. The forrest you are in is huge, deu to the fact humankind has declined in such small numbers, nature hase taken back a lot of groundspace and it is booming! ( again, ideal! )
3. You have a car, it is broken down, has no more fuel except some fumes, but you have it non the less... ( not so ideal, but still... )
4. In the trunk you have a tiny solar panel, strong enough to fill your cars battery ( yup, one battery... but its 2054 so the poweroutput is more than enough to help you out in the first stages of building your new home. )
5. In that same trunk you have sleeping gear for camping, a couple of pots and pans, some basic workingtools and a bundle of paracord, couple of hundred feet in length. ( you like paracord, o yes you dooo... )
6. You see a chicken in the corner of your eye... your running condition happens to be excellent and so you take a sprint... There's your protein... ( eat the chicken, or keep it for later use? its yours now, so do what you want with it. )

This is whats working against you:

1. Guns are not a good option. All rounds off ammo that where ever made have bin used up. Even your trusty ol .45 lays in the back of your trunk not knowing its own purpose in life anymore... ( so sad... )
2. City's? gone! Piles of rust and decay are the only things that are waiting for you over there. ( pluss, the bandits roaming the city are not the most happy bunch to cross with. )
3. Fuel, nope, fumes, yes... ( not much going there... )
4. Communication devices are out... ( you forgot to pack your radio, and now you have nothing to reach out with... or do you? )
5. The spot your in is most beautifful, really, its the most beautifull patch of forrest you and all around you have ever seen!!! The gigantic mutated bears and stray wolfs think so too... ( Radition and the human designed diseasse worked toghether in the animal kingdom making these guys grow almost double there original size... see statement 1 for double sadness!!! )

Ok, taking the mutated bears and wolves aside, think outside the box. You have a car, thats something, and these bears and wolves will leave you allone as long as you let them do there thing. And if they dont get hungry enough to eat you ofcourse. ( Its a mutual agreement i guess. )

Im curious to see what you guys come up with, so be my guest and spit it out ;-)


Hmm sounds like my kind of picnic. Shelter, water and food prolly be the first things. Car is a good resource but not at the moment it being to heavy to carry. What is basic working tools? I cannot see myself going anywhere with out a knife at the minimum. I am going to assume that in my basic tool kit there is wrenches, that are appropriate for my car, hammer, utility knife, screwdrivers and the like, and maybe stretch it a little bit and just happen to have a ax in the trunk (not to far fetched for me I normally have sledge hammers and leather in my trunk, all half started projects). Protection from the elements and the wildlife comes first. I think I would try to build a hasty shelter between two trees, at lest 10 feet up. just something that would offer some degree of protection from the wildlife and the weather. After I have a hasty shelter I would start work on a palisade with a log/sod cabin with in the walls. The hasty shelter would also be inside of that palisade and would also provide a means of egress (up and over the wall). As far as the chicken I would build a small cage out of twigs that would allow me to hoist up the cage and chicken at night and lower it down during the day. hopefully after a few days the chicken would like its new home. Hopefully the chicken is a hen and a rooster could be found at some point, seeing how chickens are rarely alone. Eat the eggs till a rooster can be located. A foxhole am radio is a no brainer and hopefully easy to make out of the utility knife blade. May not be anyone broadcasting but if me and my family have to repopulate the world then if some one does broadcast i need to hear them. A forge would need to be set up quickly and the metal from the car scavenged. Might need tools or edged weapons at some point. Water would have to be a all weather stream or creek very very close to the palisade. make a makeshift filter with local sand, charcoal and the fabric from the seats of the car. I guess I would just plug away at rebuilding the best I could and slowly start building a town of sorts. Maybe start growing wild edibles and re-domesticating the local chickens. This sounds like a fun TV series. I would do it for sure. Thanks

Actually, it does sound like something you could make a cool television serries around.

How do you make a radio with a utility kniveblade?
or do u use it for making a radio?
You have a car, most likely theres a rdio inside that. if you can get it out of the car you could try and find something to remodel it into a fullfunctioning comunication device.
But, what would you need to make that, and how would you make it work?

Lets say you have the tools needed and the knoledge to do it. "poof"you have a radio!
Now, what would you do after that? Would you call for help, or send out the message "shelter and food are here"?

And then, what would you do on the longer term?

That's a link to a foxhole radio. It looks easy enough to make in the field with minimal stuff.I thought about using the radio from the car but it wouldn't be to mobile and most radios cease to work if you disconnect them with out punching in a magic code from the manufacturer. A foxhole radio is only good for listening to AM band so hopefully if anyone in charge ever does try to contact anyone we will be able to hear it, hopefully. Long term? I am pretty sure I would just try to survive and start to rebuild as much as possible. The palisade home/fort for protection, try to gather up more families of people and maybe make a town. Maybe hire Kevin Costner to deliver the mail? It could happen.

first off where did i find forest since i would not have left my town? so assuming i didnt go looking for forest...the year is 2054, without knowing how long war has gone on i will assume it starts tomorrow... that being said there are more than enough materials to rebuild a decent camp... first i would look for solat panels in near by areas, followed by hitting the library for books on everything, from foraging berries to medical guides. start seeking other cars for full tanks to siphon. use my team of family to push cars to block off the culdesac and use the largesr yard for farming... establish water sorce... probably set up a catching device for rain water then a filtration and sterilization system. onward to food... start by setting up traps for any small game. then read up on medical treatment and mechanics... locate a welder and scrap metals... my immediate loved ones and i would probably take the vehicle and convert it to pedal power... then build from there

"your running condition happens to be excellent and so you take a sprint"

In 42 years from now, I doubt that many of us will be great sprinters... 

I was planning on becoming atleast 150 years old, so in that sense i would be around the middle of my expected lifespan, basically my prime sort of speak. ;-)

But lets state that at the point you get to the year 2054, you would be in the range of 20 - 30 years old?