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Recent answers not updating properly Answered

Not sure if it is bug but IMHO it qualifies:

When I update the forum section I see that the number of replies changed if they did.
But in the Recent Answers setion nothing happens.
Even after several hours I don't see the number of replies changing, despite quite often already showing a few when checking a question.

Apart from that the number count in both the forum sections and the ansers sections seems to be confusing to me.
In some case replies to a reply are counted in other case not.
The numbers don't really matter but knowing if someone left a reply to somthing would be nice.
But with neither the counter nor the position in the list changing it is next to impossible to find out.

On a side note as I already asked many times:
Can we ever expect to see an option to sort replies by the time and date they were made?
Might be just me but scrolling through a big topic after getting an email that someone replies often results in nothing at all.
I see replies from several years ago on the top then some that are a few months old followed by newer or older ones.
There is no order of any kind that I can see!
So please, if any of the great code monkey reads this:
Can you explain the logic behind the missing order?
Can you explain why exactly it seems to impossible to sort replies in a way that makes reading and understanding what was replied possible?
Can we expect to see a fix or selection buttons for the order in the new year?


Jack A Lopez

9 months ago

I have noticed the same thing, but I always thought it was something akin to shadow banning,


but not true and complete shadow banning, because I know people eventually read my comments, and even reply to them.

But it would not surprise me to learn that my comments were being delayed, or buffered, yet the site's machinery is written in such a way as to fool me into thinking my comments were being posted instantaneously, when in reality this is not the case.

Said another way: my posted comments are only visible to me, until they have passed through the filters and been approved, and then my comments are visible to everyone.