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Recent entries should come first on Home Page Answered

I feel that the newest published Instructables should automatically come up first.

That way they will get more views,  because people will know that they havn't seen them before. If you want to see what was the most popular (or other), then you can select it. The ones that have already gained an amount of approval will continue to do so because they already get most prominance, and people are likely to view them because someone else has deemed them worthy. Thanks for looking.


Most projects get by far the most views either via search engines or because they have been featured (which promotes them to the front page).

After that will come (I think) searches within the site, then followers, then people browsing the recent pages.

Those on the front page are the most recently-featured, which is about the best compromise available for the limited space.

(The actual design and layout of the front page is a different issue to the content.)

Thanks for your observation.

This is not a bad idea. Yeah, sure it might display ones with no effort, but it does help with views. I can't change how the site works, but I can only wait and see how things turn out.

For me, i think they should keep featured instructables on the home page. It shows instructables that are great projects. I know a lot of people just write like a twenty word instructable and use clip art. New people who come to this site should see the very well made ones instead of the corny ones.

I'll have to think about this. I,m not able to do the super clever Tech, Elec and so on, so my Ibles could be considered "corny" but I still like to have a go.
Just a point-- I have not joined as a Pro member because my skill levels are (as they are) and I don't fancy being unable to do computer stuff and asking "dumb" questions, whilst a Pro member.

Featured instructables don't necessarily have to be technical. Right now i know there are some crocheted art work and other things. By corny i meant only like a five word instructable that does not have a real purpose and doesn't use actual pics and took 30 seconds to make

And for the record i think your instructables are very nicly made and have a good purpose

Many thanks. I never knew till I started on Instructables that I cared about what others thought of my work.

I personally think they should have a "Recent instructables" bar below the section where they show featured instructables. IMO that would be the best compromise between recent and featured instructables. I think they used to do this a few months ago, correct me if I'm wrong.

Also the new color layout makes the site ghost like but that's just my opinion lol.

I guess there are two sides to this. Yes it would give new additions that bit of air time so to speak, but I can see the reasoning behind the decision to put popular choices on the front page. The front page is what most new visitors to the site see first, so it's only logical to make that first impression a good one

If you want to see what's new, just click on more in..... (whatever category) and sort by recent.

I do go to recent because I am looking for new Instructables.

The projects on the front page are often not, technically, "popular", but have been spotted by a member of the Community Team and Featured, and may only have a handful of views.

Most members of the team try and spot cool projects quickly, sometimes within a few minutes of publishing, to get them time on the front page.